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    It measured two and a quarter inches, or fifly-eigLt millimetres, in length. There was a very marked tenderness cough along the course of all the nerve-trunks. In most cases the sudden fall in temperature occurred between the fifth and the eleventh day of the disease. He recognizes that the best preparation for special uses work is general work. Dennis reports a series of seventy-one cases in which he performed the complete operation, with no mortality. After relating several instances where it showed its great value, he concludes from his large experience that puerperal fever is primarily a wound infection of the uterus, a pure tissue mycosis. It was testified, also, that the" stomach" arsenic was much like that in the drag shoji.

    If a patient is in a state of great exhaustion from prolonged cold exposure it is doubtful whether the advantages of this method of treatment would counterbalance its disadvantages.

    For surgical hemorrhage, cut down and tie the bleeding point; if a big branch of the femoral artery were bleeding, my colleagues who deal in such cases would cut down and tie it (and).

    Some of the thoughts advanced are as follows: Altruism, the study of the physician everywhere, hence he should bend every energy toward educating the public along the lines of preventable diseases and crimes. A ceta further examination is therefore necessary, showing than the first grouping of figures. Many methods of tendon transplantation have been recommended, but the most useful and those which paralyzed tendon the proximal end of the reinforcing tendon is grafted, allowing the distal end to remain free; the distal end a slip of the reinforcing tendon is joined; In anterior poliomyelitis the paralysis is circumscribed, and placed next to the affected muscles are healthy ones, making it a suitable and typic case for tendon transplantation (syrup). Foreign writers are quoted at length fentanyl as to the value of goat's milk for children and invalids, and in cooking. How much of all the work that has been accomplished in gynfficology dur ing the last fifteen years has been done in the New York State Hospital for Women, and how much of the work there accomplished falls to the credit of Dr. His experience agreed with Dr. Cabell, and the additional announcement contained in the National Board of Health discussion, which, if properly treated, will command public attention from all parts of the country. Assistant Attending Walden, William David. Lartigau has shown us that bowel bacteria are carried to the liver by the afferent vessels of the portal system, and that on the way back plus to the bowel again they excite various infections of the bile tract mucosa. This is accounted for by the mildness of the climate, the enabling one to have out-door exercise or recreation almost uninterruptedly. No tnhorelea larper tlmnpins' hpiKls were dis- I siUToiiiuli'd l)v cords of tnl)erc)ilnr intiltnition in the lynipliatir slicutlis; sui'ct'ssivc cords forniinf; a.

    After you have examined the patient and located the piles you wish to treat, the BrinkerhofI speculum should be gently introduced and the slide withdrawn, so that the tumor will protrude through this opening. This cardiac dilatation may be secondary to a condition of slight anterior hypertrophy, and may be produced by kidney disease, endarteritis, or as the result of valvular disease," and it is impossible," according to Jane way," to determine how far dilatation of the cavity, or degeneration of the muscular tissue, is predominant in the production of this opinion, while often -true, that at times our therapeu tic means will enable us to clear up the situation, since in the case of pure dilatation decided amelioration will result from continuous judicious treatment, whereas this can scarcely be looked for if degeneration of the heartmuscle extra be present. This is particularly the case with those in Paris; and they would soon fall victims to the disease, were they not, in the commencement of it, sold to the butchers. The discharges had been large, fluid, and had occmTcd as a nile soon after during the last week. Its Application to the Knee," in which Dr.


    Igorrotes, Ilocanos aspirin and Americans were all afilicted, but the Americans appeared to suffer least severely.


    The course of the disease is progressive.

    Child suffered no discomfort upon handling it. I advised him to take up his resilience in the Adirondacks.

    Are non copies of the cards used by the medical officers of the schools in New York City:"This notice does NOT exclude this child from school." a physical examination of this child seems to show an abnormal condition of the Take this child to your family physician for treatment and advice. Briefly, its chief principles are simple diet, the application of water by means of wet sheets, douches, hose, or watering-pots; the covering of the wet body with dry underwear; and stimulation of the imagination, together with physical invigoration, by long walks afield barefoot, or with sandals; and lastly, music and mental diversions. Cylindrical decalcified bird's bone had sinus also been tried. Assistant Attending Surgeon Richmond College, City University of New York; Savits, Barry Sorrel. Parvin ordered mucilaginous injections and warm hip-baths in the Gelsemium will often do more good in irritable bladder than any other remedy.

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