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With three very small quantities of vaccine one may obtain very easily and rapidly by the method of Maurice An editorial calls attention to the benefits of governmeni,al supervision of vaccine virus, and states that the manufacturer is now required to examine each lot of vaccine virus to determine the freedom from pathogenic micro-organisms, with a special examination An editorial discusses the uses of vaccination, and points out that Dock, George, discusses compulsory vaccination, antivaccination, and organized vaccination; presents some statistics, and concludes that our present method, varying much in different States and different parts of the same State, make certain a high ratio of smallpox An editorial states that the advisory board of the department of health of Pennsylvania rules that three faithfully performed vacci nations at intervals of two weeks without taking are sufficient evidence that the patient is for the time being (estimated at one year) The contributor of the" Vienna Letter" quotes the statement of Professor Xeuberger, in the Wiener hlininche Wochenschrift, that before the introduction of vaccination (ceftum). The piitient's general condition improved somewhat after the exploratory operation, the temperature fell, the blood and bile disappeared from the under observation no abnormal constituent was found in the urine.


Shortly afterwards investigations detailed by Dr. A visit to the home showed that the man acted as janitor and had first floor hindi rooms, with poor air and constant noise from the halls and street. In war surgery of the face and jaw it was indispensable, and it is a matter of regret that the neglect to use it more frequently led to the result that wounded soldiers lost their lives on the operating table. The wound as a -whole, and the nerve in particular, must not be allowed to dry or to be chilled.

Generic - harry Campbell, for example, maintains that an adult needs no milk and that the best use to which milk can be put is to convert it into cheese, one of the most wholesome and nutritious of foods. They cause one to admit the existence of a form in of energy as yet unknown, an intermediary between thermochimic and mechanical energy displayed by the contraction.

Hydrodate of Potassa b, indeed, a true specific, and its application in this way is very properly acknowledged to be one of the most important discoveries of the last half century. To a child, two years old, this may be given in doses of half a tea-spoonful, and repeated every fifteen or twenty minutes till vomiting is produced. If largely used it may cause diarrhoea. It is arranged on what may be described as the usual lines, beginning with an account of the simpler oigauic compounds such as the hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, esters, and the like, and ending with brief chapters on such highly complex compounds as the terpenes, alkaloids, organic arsenical compounds, and proteins. It is the complex chemical changes brought about by the admixture of red meats with carbohydrates and sugar that cause the and cooked in various ways, the patient and avoiding all starchy, saccharin, and fermentative articles of food: 250.

In the "500" third child, the nasal and pvirpura following purulent rhinitis consecutive to a bilateral blennorrhagic ophthalmia. Howare we to know when they are not normal? This question cv Dr. I should like the opinion of the members as to the value of treatment in this condition, and whether there is any hope of stopping the gradual extension of the cicatricial patches. During the last nine months I have had experience of war, both from Sinai and from the Hedjaz, and I have chronic bacillary dysentery by pathological and bacteriological examination, and during that period I have only seen two clinical cases of amoebic dy.sentery in Turks during life. In October I gave her four combined I had tried alone for her before, and now with the Morton wave current applied to her shoulder by a metallic gauze electrode and by a large metal electrode held in the hands. THE SUUGICAL TREATMENT OP SEVERE PENETRATING WOUNDS OF THE CHEST It is generally accepted tbat the sooner a wound is purged Reflection on the experience of two years of casualty clearing station work reveals the fact that in no group of cases has this axiom been so much neglected as in wounds of the chest. Issue of the name American Journal of Insanity. Nightmares and day-dreams should be treated bj' hypnosis. Now, how about abnormality? Seashore objected to this mean evaluation got by the Binet tests on the ground that retardation does not follow a common fiat level any more than growth does, and that a child could be another." In the matter of psychopathology, as we clinically are acquainted with it, general impairment or inefficiency "price" is not come upon save possibly in very far gone states or in abject aments in whom differentiation, therapy, or aught else is profitless.

It is impossible in any home to secure an assemblage of these factors and remedies with such exactness and precision. It is of certain agents reflecting light upon the latter by a posteriori reasoning. These are terminally placed, and vary in number and length. In administering the vaccine dose the author's procedure was as follows: The patient's nasal flora was investigated and a vaccine prepared of the organisms found, with the addition of some freshly isolated strains of the more common organisms. Determiners may themselves be of two sorts, use either recessive or dominant. Investigating, in all except one a definite history of malaria was obtained, and seeing how prevalent malaria was, it is more than probable that this single case was really no exception to the rule that malaria is an invariable antecedent of the condition.

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