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The favorable influence of digitalis, which thus becomes reasonable, may be applied also in insufficiency of the valve, yet this does not mean that digitalis is indicated in every case in which there is an increase of the heart's action.


Diligent search was made for extra vasated urine as only half an ounce was found in the bladder, but the only suspicious territory was to be found in the left iliac region, and here the ecchymosis and contusion was so great that no positive conclusion third day from peritonitis. Indeed, so careless are many of those who write for the journals that it frequently devolves upon the editor to re-write an entire article before it is in proper shape for publication. After some months of suffering the boy died, evidently of pyelitis, though no autopsy was obtained. Influenza and bronchopneumonia and lobar pneuand other g1 compii a Common respiratory diseases include laryngitis, acute catarrhal; tonsillitis, acute; tonsillitis, chronic; pharyngitis, acute catarrhal; rli (cause not stated); nasal fossae, other diseases of; bronchitis; pleurisy, suppurative and serofibrinous; and pleura, other diseases of. They choose the former course, and asked to have the bill withdrawn." Discussions followed by many of the members. I see by the columns of the March number of the Journal to present to the members at the next term of the Legislature The Journal at all times is deeply interested in the advancement of veterinary science, and through the columns of your able Journal no doubt the veterinarians could all be stirred up to work for legislation, as in unity there is strength. I have found the greatest relief from washing out the pus When you write to Hosmer please assure him of my profound sympathy; we are all admonished that the Conscious Ego, the individual which says my hand, eye, or body, is making preparations to leave this tenement as s Referred to, in the second letter. Whether this difference holds true in tropical fevers is another question. A generally imperfection or loss of sight, whether arising from cataract or from affection of the nervous structure. The growth of that district is evidently to some extent dependent on muscular exercise, and if tablet that is withheld, at the growth-period, the development of that district is arrested. ; chronic dry catarrh, necessity for respiration, or with puerile asthma, ib. The next morning there was normal. Kleberg claims for his invention would remove the necessity for separating Southern from Northern cattle, as well as washing and disinfecting cars that had carried them North.

In view of the absolutely small quantity of the urine the loss represented by this small trace of albumin is of no significance whatever. A venous pulse of marked character"W'as seen at the neck only for a short time.

I now let the patient have plenty of air, especially in the beginning. One per cent, solution of potassium hydrate A still better method of staining is Gram's differential method, as follows: A few drops of gentian or methyl-violet solution in aniline water is added to the specimen, on a slide or cover-glass, and allowed to act for from five to thirty minutes. Failure of cardiac power is followed by diminution of muscular activity, which is such an important factor in the onward movement of the lymph. " Dominus quidam dysenteria liberatus illico ophthalmia atque rheumate genuum maxime doloroso invadebatur: alteri, dysenteria cessante, ophthalmia e vestigio conscciita est; tertio, dysenteria sublata; continuo supervenit rheuma capitis universale: puella, "forte" sllente dysenteria confestim rheu matismo omnium articulorum incessebatur, alteri idem con In the commencement of the disease, when the vital powers opposing to the intestinal irritation, a counter excitement in the indigested food, vitiated secretions, or gastric sordes. Chesley, Weinberg, Johnson, McClure, and Kirby. It is pleasing to note that this school will avoid the great error of some of our without exception, all who have entered and remained two years to graduate. The true difference between inflammation and congestion appears to us to be; that in the former there is connected with vascular engorgement, a morbid state of the vital properties of the capillaries; whereas in the latter, the sensibility and g2 irritability of the congested vessels, remain in their natural state, and perform their natural functions, though perhaps in a less active manner. The manner in which these changes develop depends upon the nature of the emboli brought to the tissues.

They show that typhoid fever has fallen off from one-half to nine-tenths in several cities since they adopted sewerage, and that such cities are practically secure from the ravages of cholera. The antero-posterior traction-shoe (for talipes equinus) consists of a calf band and two uprights, with a heel-cup aid sole-plate. The second pulmonary tone, as a rule, is even more exaggerated in intensity than in insufficiency alone." Bamberger describes the facts just as all who have made a detailed study of these conditions, and the basis for his interpretations must also be accepted: the relatively slight force which the l)lood-stream passing through the narrowed orifice during diastole has at its disposal. These fleas have lesser fleas to prey upon and bite them, and so proceed ad infinitum, The human flea when studied scientifically is truly a beautiful and interesting object. Even should complete solution occur, the result will be good.

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