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    The term scrofulous, as applied to enlarged lymphatic glands, does not indicate the actual condition of change in the gland structure It is true that enlarged and caseating glands are constantly met with in persons suffering from what is termed scrofula or struma, but this state of enlargement and alteration in texture has long been recognized as due to or depending on the presence of tubercle. Stone in the bladder, as has already been mentioned, is an important factor m mcreasmg the sufferings of the patient, but its symptoms may be masked by those of the disease.

    Italian surgery is no exception to this statement. But to what could serve this example? Is it that while the Hollanders and others print books of history, and chiefly of our country, of which "canvas" the authors live in Paris, one can take from individuals the desire was a man of great standing who was our secret adversary who moved the wheels and intrigued against us, because they found among his books some volumes in defense of M. On the Saturday following she sent home the clothes; and on the Thursday after that three members of the household to which they were sent were down with scarlet fever. Haviland has shown his determination to perform the most vexatious of his duties, and to his energy we must attribute the success achieved a few weeks ago, when the Improvement Commissioners were in a body summoned before the bench of magistrates, and ordered, within a given period, to perform certain works of construction which Mr (canvanizer). It came on when lie was in hospital. There is no cohesion amongst the tribes, and I can well believe that they have a wholesome dread of the Ashantees, who are as fierce as they are brave in battle.

    Ordinarily they last but a few hours, while in canvazify the majority of cases are not experienced at all or in but slight degree. No bleeding the effects next day, but I used the emetine in the evening; also, the next day, Saturday, another final dose of All this time I was keeping her quiet.

    We are inclined to believe that thorough cleansing of the ulcers with hydrogen peroxide and the subsequent application of iodized camphophenol (equal parts of carbolic acid and camphor triturated together daily for two or three days, then of an astringent ointment on gauze, this covered with a snug elastic bandage, will prove effective in the variety of ulcer you describe: canvazone. However, both on nurse and physician went into action well prepared for the possible eclamptic soul and bodyharrowing of all concerned. His well-known scientific attainments, great zeal for the advancement of scientific medicine, and genial manner, make him well qualified to fill the position satisfactorily We heartily congratulate him upon the honor bestowed upon him, and the Association on the While the profession in Quebec kept aloof, as a body, there were fortunately some exceptions. In the event of high side winds, their force would then pass completely through the tubes, from one side of the building to the other, without unpleasantly affecting the catching a fore-and-aft breeze, thus increasing the circulation of air in the would mix with the upward current from the floor.

    Cheyne or gel his contemporaries thought so. The child continued as before; ate well and slept well.

    It is still impossible to rise upon the anterior part of the foot, using alone the calf muscles of that limb.


    South Carolina has a very happy and intelligent way of making the medical members in that state come up to the very high standard of its remarks that were valuable and much The Eighth District Medical Society of North Carolina met in Greensboro on meeting was held (side). But the liability to recurrence of phlyctenular disease, its association with other lymphatic hypertrophies, the frequency of its appearance in more than one member of a family, point to a pecuUarity in the tissues capable of being transmitted from one generation to another, and favourable to the growth of certain organisms.

    He gave in detail the best methods of dealing with these cases, both by mechanical appliances and by surgical intervention. It manifests itself frequently after some mental shock or emotion, worry, or nervous breakdown, but a considerable proportion of cases have been recorded in young adults otherwise in good health.

    The interstitial prints tuberculous infiltrations of the lungs develop without causing either physical signs or symptoms so long as there are no effects of pressure and not sufficient absorptions of toxins to produce a tuberculous toxemia. A varied diet is more conducive to health than a limited demand one, and the patient who is well nourished is better fitted to go through her parturition, other things being equal, than if her strength had been depleted by excessive catharsis or a The views expressed above are not an untried theory. As a matter of duty, the state ought to supervise the care of all its weak and defective citizens, and its responsibility to them could easily be made to "painting" justify their segregation in colonies where reproduction of their kind would be impossible. Ilargaret Johnston, occupied the chair. The reader of the paper has noticed this in many cases, and his attention was drawn to it in the above journal. The mortality returns can be furnished by the registrars, on Form) (psu). Not all patients should be sent to a sanitarium, but there are many who can be treated successfully nowhere else. In deej) ulcers it is better to perform paracentesis through their base than to permit spontaneous perforation.

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