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The former were attacked by scarlet fever, and the latter escaped. The position taken up, therefore, by the Croydon Local Board is a most mischievous and retrograde one: and that it should receive the support of one who has done so much good work in the cause of sanitary progress as Dr. The passage of fecal matter into the stomach adds the damaging effects of stercoremia to the already existing toxemia. In his Theory of Jforticiilfurti country of the peach, that speciefl, or its wild typo tho almond, is the bcHt stock for the former fruit; because tho temperature of l;ie earth is that in which it was created to grow, the reach of possibility to transfer tho blossom- i summer temperature of whoso soil is eo much buds of one plant to another, so as to obtain I lower than that of Persia, the plum, on which tiowers or fruit from them immediately, llo tho peacli takes freely, is a iiardy native, and thus fixed on the wild rose the llower-buds of suited to such soil; and its roots aro aroused garden roses; and these buds being pleuti- from their winter sleep by an amount of fully supplied with nourishment, produced warmth insufficient for the peach. Abe Ornsteen and Joe Yoskin, two of the finest people it has been my pleasure to know, were outstanding learning experiences and heavily attended by neurologists and neurosurgeons from the entire area and afar. They may possibly predispose to organic disease of the These last few classes of quack medicines and applications, aside from their direct physical and moral dangers, are serving to educate the youth of the land in sexual matters from the meanest and most depraved 500 standpoint.

The regulation of the diet is a matter which demands consideration in every case of chronic gastritis. The normal histologic structure of the mastoid part of the temporal bone is price subject to wide variations, the antrum mastoideum and the apical cells near the tip of the process being the only fairly constant cellular spaces existing therein. The name signifies the" city of Allah" or God.

To this end, the further establishment of obligatory courses in the medical schools, with clinical lectures and instruction in methods of diagnosis and treatment, with clinical conferences, and a practical examination of the student at the close of the course, are among the suggestions to be made; while for the graduate student, in this country, as is now the case abroad, systematic courses, including opportunities for the study of the structure and development of the ear, its anatomy, its bacteriology and the pathology of its diseases, in addition to clinical instruction, should be afforded. Perhaps I did not, that military drill is very defective as a physical exercise, on account of the limited range of muscular action recpiired or permitted. For giving it 600 these, the best vehicle is bread, steeped in broth.


The more recently introduced term,"hsematogenous peritonitis," likewise has its uses, although the rarity of the condition is now generally recognized.

Five weeks later the patient presented himself at the clinic with a swelling of the neck presenting all the evidences of aneurism. It is often partly wasted to gratify the vanity of the donor.

Treatment then becomes far more complicated, labor intensive, toxic, and costly. His dentist encouraged him to go to the Ferris Junior College, so that Cleveland would get the credits necessary to be admitted to college, which he indeed was at the University of Michigan.

William Spiller, he developed many of the original neurosurgical techniques. But indirect, namely, by bringing about that effective element in the causation, concentration and increased virulence of the specific poison in conseauence of closed doors and windows and lack of free ventilation. The fever continues from six days to four or five weeks, usually from six to ten days, and subsides, as a rule, by lysis to normal, or frequently to a subnormal temperature which may last several days.

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