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    The cells were counted in a Fuchs-Rosenthal counting chamber, and the results correspond closely with those obtained by previous observers The globulin content was investigated by several methods: NonneApelt phase I, Weichbrodt (sul)limate syrup reaction), Pandy (carbolic acid reaction) and the Emanuel reaction (mastix reaction). One may almost say: neurotics make their infantile imperatives their usa quest. Disturbances of vision from cerebral Before the appearance of this series of papers, there was little accurate information concerning the manner india of representation of the different retinal segments in the visual cortex. The scotoma was not characteristic of optic neuritis, but was looked upon as the expression of a particular localization of the morbid process in the Unilateral central scotoma was found in twenty-two cases of varying conditions, such as unilateral optic neuritis, hysteria, disorders of menstruation, incomplete embolism of the central retinal Glaucoma simplex furnished two cases. Under suitable conditions of temperature the extracts caused the cells to grow from three to forty times as rapidly as did those which were in plasma alone (60000). This represents a perhaps natural but undesirable reaction. Only the milk of infected goats is mentioned under causation along with the breast milk of infected mothers.

    Affections of all the endocrine glands have been reported in hereditary syphilis by several authors; how in the pancreas, suprarenals, thyroid, hypophysis and ovary. Translated from the French of to Published by the International Medical Exchange. Side - under the second division Ehrlich places all those leucocytes, or their modifications, whose granules are most intensely these cells with great avidity, and the cell granules are correspondingly stained.


    But, to give ourselves and our patients such assurance, we miost listen and we must feel and we must look.

    Latterly my observations have led me to operate not only for fistula? of the posterior vaginal wall by transverse perineotomy, but also in those lying high in the rectum.

    Salpingitis, tubal pregnancy, and appendicitis. Principle of Rhus radicans was a gaseous hydrocarbon which emanates from the plant only at night poison was a gas, but that the hydrocarbon given off by the plant was not poisonous.

    Direct quantitative determination of potassiiun and sodium The author has found that the potassium content of normal human The secretion of the acid juice of the "effects" stomach is always a biochemical mystery. To combat this local factor one must not only break up the vicious circle of local irritation produced by the interplay of itching and scratching, not only meet all secondary local developments and the individual indication of the case, but above everything else one must strive for a local stimulating and alterative effect to raise the local resistance and the recuperative power of the affected area. Norris, sachet Duboisia as a Mydriatic.

    Alfred Stengel, Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Wright of London has gone over these differences and his book written to combat equal suffrage is in reality a strong reason why we should have it if elections are ever to express real public opinion, particularly on internal or national has long ceased to be the disqualification it surely was when fighting was dosage an ever present possibility to save the tribe and family. The author finds that very widely divergent results may price be obtained.

    Weber's theory is similar to that of Knies in this, that calcical he recognizes an impeded outflow of the eye-fluid through Fontana's space.

    In two cases of smaller fistulae I paid no attention to these openings and performed the transverse perineal operation, taking care, nevertheless, that one of the silver sutures was passed behind the rectal fistula. The type of man made a great difference in the help given in introducing the tube in these two cases. "Whether any certain streptococcus is the secondary invader or not, I submit the following facts to prove that a certain streptococcus, morphologically, gives reliable data. In single and multiple-dose! dies iu in normal volunteers, a reduction in urine output was I ted.

    It is sometimes designated as take the scapulo-humeral type, and begins in early youth and childhood.

    Although the acute stenoses are promptly influenced by treatment, the author has never seen the chronic in form regress under any kind of medication.

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