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In neuritis there is no optic-nerve atrophy and no" crises."'' Care must be taken not to confound the vomiting of alcoholic gastric disturbance with the gastric crises of tabes" (Gowers). In the discussion Schroetter, of Vienna, showed two cases of healed tubercular laryngitis. Here at once confusion is apt to arise from with which the medical witness must not interfere (price). More careful examination of this portion of the chest shows decided retraction of the interspaces both anteriorly and laterally. In the science of Anatomy, which has occupied the hves of such men as Bell and Hunter, Beclard and Meckel, he knew all that was known. The last patient died of tetanus coming on the nineteenth day after the operation. The dose will depend upon the vaccine used. We will only further remark that one of the rejected candidates was"so ignorant of the Latin language that he declined to attempt to translate, and failed to write an ordinary prescription," and this gentleman, like all the rest, already possessed a qualification to practise! Indeed, if we read the returns correctly, he possessed a double qualification from the Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Surgeons of The Council passed a resolution requesting"the Secretary of State for India in Council to furnish lists of the examinations of the Medical candidates for the Indian service." A long report from the Committee appointed" to consider how the Council can best deal with the whole subject of preliminary examination" was received and entered on the Minutes, and was taken into consideration on Thursday.

The degree and location of malignancy should determine the treatment. He is next taught the standard eye, and is then given a description of ametropic eyes," with a differential diagnosis of each, until finally he is told how to place lenses in front of ametropic eyes to make them equal to the standard The author sets forth in a very clear manner the principles of refraction and the way in which refraction depends on the retardation of light in Although not exactly pertinent to a review, it may be observed that this retardation of light accounts for the red hue of the atmosphere at sunset. There is need of a strong sanitary organization, with a responsible head, to avoid epidemic, by removing the conditions which favor the spread of infectious diseases and to watch for cases of such sicknesses in their incipiency. Normally, when a person is shown an object, then told to shut his eyes and point with index finger at that object, he will do so correctly (Graefe's test.) When we induce nystagmus and no pathological condition is present a person will point to the right or left of the object, depending on his nystagmus. Syrup - there was a small died of tetanus on the seventh day (Sattler).

: bacterial infection, traumatism, intoxications and neoplasms. I have had prepared a sketch of the two forms of mosquitoes.

These things simply mean that we study the powers of attention "rb" and perception, the memory, the power of comprehension and association, so as to understand and carry out things that are told to him; the emotional state and the intellectual equipment. This trait in his character rendered him very popular in his profession. Syphilis is tablet often transmitted by this mode of coition, a fact described several hundred years ago. Injections of antitetanus serum and salt solution were used without benefit. Alexander Wood expressed his surprise at the remarks were familiar to him years ago, and were embodied in the Bill those of Dr.


Where feasible m separation of the infected from the non-infected slionld l)e practised. We have not yet succeeded in show that the cytoryctes is not a specific organism have also met with failure. The loss of fortune, followed by the loss of health, and that again by early death on the part of the father, imposed on the widowed mother a care that calls into exercise all the active virtues so characteristic of the pilgrim race.

The remarkable advances obtained through radiography are enumerated, while for the parallel proggress in rectosigmoidoscopy credit is given to Americans like Tuttle, Otis, and Kelly, who substituted for the short rectal specula the much longer one now in use. Carbonic-acid intoxication also produces the fright and hallucinations observed with children during the fitful slumber of an attack of pneumonia, pleurisy, angina, or bronchitis. Johnston chose for the subject of his presidential address, day. A direct cystoscope is useful in some short distance in among the villi under the guidance of the eye, and then the current was turned on at distended with distilled water. Strauss also discovered them in atropine poisoning and in rabbits and frogs poisoned with pyrodine. Imagine how feebly prepared a physician must have been one hundred years ago! Practically no physical diagnosis, no clinical thermometer, no hypodermatic syringe, no diagnosis or differentiation of the diseases of the kidneys by chemical or microscopical examination of the urine.

The patient was treated for typhoid fever while in the calcinol-rb hospital. While engaged in ploughing his fields and mowing his meadows, his inquisitive eye and mind were frequently exercised in the contemplation of vegetables; the beauty and harmony displayed in their mechanism; the admirable order of system which the great author of the universe has established throughout their various tribes, and the equally wonderful powers of their generation, the progress of their growth, and the various stages of their maturity He was, perhaps, the first Anglo-American who ever conceived the idea of establishing a Botanic Garden, for the reception and cultivation of the various vegetables, natives of the country, as well as of narcotics, and of travelhng for the discovery and acquisition of them.

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