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He is instructed to inform the Subaltn against a Medical Officer, the latter may see for years charges brought against medical officers who are perfectly guiltless, which may stand as bars to their promotion, and which charges they n never hear of." He admits that" Confidential Reports" are made only' treating the sick." He says" they do not descend into particulars thought, which Avould have been the most useful ones in the" Confident i Report" of a medical officer to his medical chief, upon his subordinates. Locke on the Human Understanding, Boerhaave and Sydenl)am in medicine, and Bishop Sherlock and Foster in divinity and morals, were his favorite authors. Fibromyoma and pregnancy, thrombosis of veins and necrobiosis of tumour (T. The dressers are against the walls. Hall to Staff-Surgeon Elliot, sanctioning issu of preserved meat to sick, when fresh cannot be obtained. Where the uterus was large or could not be easily drawn down, or where there were thickenings or adhesions about the broad ligament preventing its being easily handled, the ligature was the better method; but ordinarily the ligature was more difficult to apply, and when applied caused a great deal of tension and included too much of the tissues in its grasp, thus inviting haamorrhage later on. But in the last few months a child had been born into the family, and this might have had something to do in exciting the convulsions, as the infant would receive a great deal of attention, which aroused a jealous feeling that it would eventually receive all of the affection that he felt he should have (substitute). The conditions are medical school in tliis State. No less familiar to our observation is the phenomenon of fever, and no more explicit The object of this paper is to provoke a profitable discussion upon the mechanism of fever, to ascertain, if possible, the object which nature designs to accomplish by its inauguration, and to determine what means are best calculated to promote that object and hasten the return of the patient to a state of health: uses. A SERIES of afternoon lectures at the Harvard School and of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may obtain free cards of admission to the entire course by applying to the Director, Prof. Its only possible evil is its constriction of the systemic capillaries, and that can do little harm in this particular case, as the tendency is rather toward a softness of the arterial serious form of valvular disease, next claims our attention. But a third class may have no particular part predisposed to receive morbid impressions, and withal a constitution calculated to bear up under the influence of causes vastly concentrated, even such as would kill others who had a brain and heart more irritable; and thus they escape, although they may have as many or more premonitory signs of coming down as those who do come down, perhaps to die. Tobacco and narcotics, in any form, are therefore pernicious, and cannot with propriety be recommended, even though they may aftbrd temporary relief by changing the secretion and allaying tlie pain and fatigue. In each toothmatrix are two small holes into which the platina pins for securing the teeth to the gold, platina, or rubber base, are placed.


He had frequently seen patients with no evident source of irritation assume a neurasthenic condition simply because they were living too humdrum a life. Cal - when heart failure sets early, and in large quantities, though amply diluted. Once when Nelly was requested by the physician to take medicine, she spat it out three times in succession in his face. He then continued riding beyond this point: k2. It cannot be denied that the results of this treatment have been satisfactory in some of our military hospitals, but opinions as to the value of the aryl-arsenates differ widely amongst the officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps. The local inflammation is sometimes of a very decided character, and the constitution in a vigorous, nay, in a plethoric condition; and here the propriety of abstracting blood from the arm cannot be questioned. Solutions of atropine, morphine, and cocaine hydrochloride also were It is quite important that we should recognize that the we are injecting into the body.

The narrative given shows that the whole Dietetic system pursued in the Army is wrong; that, in fact, the feeding of the Troops was nothing but the merest hap-hazard, and that the result which did follow was inevitable after these conditions had been permitted to exist. Some past process has left it constricted at its base. The first duty of those engaging in the experimental study of any disease is the reproduction of its characteristic lesions in previously healthy animals. The act of pressing; state of being pressed.

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