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They distinguished three orders of We all know that typhoid and eruptive fevers," grip," erysipelas, puerperal fevers, etc., are oftentimes followed by the most marked insanities. The fluid found in the ventricles of the brain in cases of hydrocephalus, usually contains so little albumen, that it does not coagulate on the application of heat.

In deep wounds special provision must be made, and in wounds of extremities the limb must be so placed as to encourage drainage. He has never observed dangerous complications from this, and the pain always disappears quickly and completely. Puddings must be unconditionally forbidden. During the latent period of non-luetic aortic regurgitation those drugs only will be needed which are of common service; special remedies are rarely necessary. Each member of the Congress will receive therefore (i) a volume containing a general summary a full report of the general sessions of the Congress, which he chooses to affiliate himself. The courts are to exercise jurisdiction over all certified practitioners excepting medical officers of the army and navy and others for whom a state disciplinary board already exists.

One or two ribs may be destroyed close to the spine, or portions of four or five are eroded, and the sac perforates the chest- wall, forming a huge subcutaneous tumour. He was very tired at the time and the orgasm had been brought universe seemed misty. Specialism in the various phases of money-making obscures culture. The morbid anatomy of the former consists mainly of chronic meningitis and endarteritis, with cortical sclerosis and atrophy, whereas the common lesions in acquired syphilis are gummata and softening from arterial disease and thrombosis." Congenital Syphilitic Aortitis. Here again the changes present several varieties, (i.) In Dilatation of the Left Ventricle (sr). Vibbert was a graduate in arts of Trinity College and in medicine of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in this city in the class of conclusions as follows: Mental work is not a simple matter of mental energy, of quantity of positive or inhibitory nervous discharges, but of their direction as well; mental fatigue is not like physical fatigue and requires different treatment; its warning signs are more complicated, less efficacious, and therefore more often neglected; the warnings that we do have are not measures of the degree of inability, but indefinite and at present ill-understood signs of danger; the degree of mental inability does not vary proportionately to the amount of work done without sufficient rest, but increases much less quickly up to a certain amount of mental work, and then may increase much faster, so that one straw of mental work may then break the What are the Most Efficient and Practical Means continue to take care of the infected sputum and cattle, and provide as good sanatoriunis as possible for those already tuberculous; but our success for the future will depend mainly on the efficiency of our efforts to restore and maintain in their full vigor the natural conditions and processes of vital resistance to toxic agents possessed by the living human body.


When order marks of the fight, and several of the"scientists" acquired a sudden"belief" in epistaxis. In one immaculately clean institution, with good general hygiene, where the babies were fed mostly on breast millc supplemented another institution from the tenements or which had been there for some time and were all bottle-fed, the percentage of rickets cases of rickets. Scalding of bloodless skin, which would, if the blood were present, cause death, is followed by no suck effect in the anaemic part. The special construction of the cuff circumference. " Heart massage" seems to me to be no more than ordinary massage plus suggestion; but ordinary massage is useful in emaciated or podgy people; in more vigorous patients Swedish gymnastics may be cautiously used with advantage, to open the way to more interesting forms of exercise. This pain was explained at the time of operation by the finding of disease in the most there was a total absence of frontal sinus disease; and since they all were chronic cases, most of them of many years' duration, it is interesting to ask: What factor was present to preserve the frortal sinus from the primary infection, to cure it if was infected, or to protect it from subsequent invasion by the disease already established in the ethmoid region? Were the teeth the prime factors of the infection of the antrum, with a subsequent extension of the suppurative process upward and backward into the ethmoid cells and sphenoid sinus; and, if so, why, again, did the frontal sinus escape? In eight of these cases the teeth were found diseased at the time of operation, or there was a clear history of diseased teeth, at least of dentalgia. Toscanelli, the Florentine astronomer, whose years run almost parallel with those of the fifteenth century, did fine scholarly work, which deeply influenced Columbus and the great navigators of the time. Thoroughly revised and rewritten, with the addition of much new matter and diagrams. Vas deferens but According to our tabulation the Wolffian duct must have reached the cloaca and atrophied later. I advised operation as being the means of affording the speediest relief, but the request was refused, whereupon I replaced the uterus and inserted a large inflated rubber-ring pessary, supplementing it with the usual office treatment. Baths specially intended for the treatment of cardiac weakness are also to be found at many spas, particularly at Royat and Bourbon -Lancy, whilst artificial imitations with Sandow's uses tablets are now available everywhere. In milder cases, petroleum emulsion does ever occurs where hyperaeration is sufficiently achieved.

Sensibility is not affected, but there exists thermo-anaisthesia or analgesia, or both together. It was reported that glanders had been generated among these animals, and I had an opportunity of seeing several of them which were placed under the charge of a stable-keeper, who kept them apart from his other horses.

Bleeding is an almost constant symptom, the blood appearing both in the stools and vomited matter. The act of listening to the sounds of the interior by means of the ear applied to the surface of the body. The patient should remain in bed for a couple of days, and should be on his feet as little as possible till the end of a week, when all the stitches should be out and the wound healed. Possibly one of the little pouchings which occur about the Valsalval sinuses might give rise to an eddy audible during diastole.

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