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The treatment by specifics was banished from science, in fiivor of a false theoiy, which pronounced the former irrational; but it could not be equally excluded from practice, because, in reality, it was the most efiicacious and the most natural. We are willing to admit that relying upon its aid we may send to the sanitorium some patients who de would have perfectly recovered had they continued their accustomed mode of living, but no one can say which case of tuberculosis will be arrested naturally, or which one will progress if untreated.

Besides, he repelled, with derision, the hypothesis of a motive principle in the animal economy, endowed with instinct, and watching over the preservation of the entire body or any of its parts. Bonegrace - here one drop is mi.xcd with a large drop of sterile water, to redissolve it. The former contained a granular debris, degenerated fibrin, and red blood cells, including many necrotic polyblastic cells. Bernard true princes of chemistry, the precursors of the experimental doctrine of Medicine made also, at the same time, numerous and great conquests. The pains in the abdomen continued in their accustomed severity. At or about the period that the induration of the chancre appears, the glands in one or both groins enlarge; but they are not tender to the touch, have ordinarily no inflammatory complication, and do not suppurate, except in verj' rare and exceptional cases. This reserve on Bucquet's part was based upon the fact that after he had introduced a small quantity of mercury in the rob, he was unable to find it in his The following is quoted from Boweau's work, this committee of savants declared the radical cure of twelve of the most desperate cases in the hospitals of the capital by means of the rob which the committee themselves had made: tab.

I must say I cannot refrain from expressing my vei-y great astonisliment and regret tliat any consideration whatever should have induced Mr. Visit, she found the woman in a semi-conscious condition, with family stated that no convulsion had occurred, and attached little importance to the drowsy condition of the patient, but after considerable delay, reluctantly consented to have her removed to Examination on admission to the hospital two hours later. Tlie lymph taken from such arms has been found to propagate similarly irritable vesicles, or in other respects has faUed to pass through its course The lymph used at this station, as stated on a former occasion, was originally obtained from Jeuner, and has been uninterruptedly employed ever since, and still possesses all its original infective power; thus confirming the statement of the National Vaccine Board, that" vaccine lymph does not lose any of its prophylactic power by a continued transit through successive subjects, and that it is a fallacy to predicate the necessity of resorting to the original source of the cow for a renewed The opposite opinion, namely, that vaccine lymph must naturally and inevitably become deteriorated by lapse of time, has, nevertheless, many supporters; and probably owes its origin to what, at first sight, appears to favour that view. The cap simplicity also of the latter's method is only apparent. The general health of the "congress" rats becomes somewhat affected, they are unable to go through their learning performances, and None of them has died and another peculiarity is that the gangrene attacks the hind legs of the rats. Kitt, of Munich (whose article already referred to was translated and published in the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal) has shown that these bacilli tetani are not distributed over the body generally, that they exist just about the wound, independent of the presence of pus, and that in this focus the toxine is produced.

Pyorrhea alveolaris was the bonnegrace most frequent form, and the more specific. Eales are heard all over both fronts and backs. The ulcerative is usually fatal; but, I think, chiefly because it is seldom made out during life, and properly treated. In many instances of screw worm troubles since my temporary stop in Louisiana, and my residence in Texas, where these pests are very common, until lately, I resorted to the application of calomel alone, to the affected parts, and never had occasion to make it more than once. Occasionally free amoeba) could be detected in the fluid of the scrapings, in which case they were spherical, the granules usually in active motion.

The ears and nose cartilages feel membranous, and the foetus gradually acquires the characters of maturity.


He rejected in medical practice every species of physiological theory, and insisted upon the value of pnre experience only.

The idea of it was suggested by the desire to aid the memory and facilitate researches.

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