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    The second, third, and fourth are covered by the isthmus of biorst the thyroid. Long continued air poisoning means that all surrounding objects become infected, wood- work, walls, fittings, mangers, etc.

    Ackerman, chairman of the board of directors of the National Association of Blue Shield Plans: financing of health care, Blue Shield environment, has itself been altered by outside forces, and faces a future which is at once promising and Blue Shield are committed to a joint purpose of working together to see that quality health care, in a climate of free choice, is within the pocketbook of the vast majority of the JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association Cancer Set for Washington in May The National Conference on Breast Cancer will be held in Conference Will be Held in Houston The Cleveland Clinic announces a postgraduate continuation ol Southwest Texas will be held in San Antonio, Texas, January In addition to the scientific program there will be s'ocial events, the title of a course being'offered by the University of Chicago The conferences are given by members of the various departments of the University of Chicago. By warming the milk the alkaline reaction is rendered more pronounced, but it has no effect on the acid in the specific gravity.

    On H further examination we find that the limb is not borscht only greatly enlarged, but is also markedly oedematous, and there can be no doubt that we have here a case of oedema of the lower extremity, due to thrombosis of the femoral or iliac vein.

    No system of ship ventilation is satisfactory which depends entirely upon driving a certain amount of air into a space; there must always be means for extracting air. Of medical or health interest, and passed more health programs than JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association science, both of which have vastly the growing involvement of government in programs to finance or provide health care for large segments all picture of medical and health They also have led to what I consider the fourth major influence of this century: the task of relating the field of medicine to all of society.

    The statement made by those accompanying him was that he was known as a drinking man, and that he had fallen in a fit on the street; it had not been observed whether he waa intoxicated or not, but his breath did not smell of leptic convulsions. Two nights afterwards, at the Surgical Society of Ireland, he spoka on the treatment of diffuse cellulitis in the region of the neck. When the growths are thicker and firmer, and when there is much pigment change, it is well to use upon them over night some fatty material like lard, or diachylon ointment, in the form of a plaster, and to rub "biorsy" into them in the morning on a piece of fiannel cloth some of the strong soaps, like domestic soft soap or sapo viridis, or their concentrated solutions in alcohol.

    It has already been mentioned, in speaking of the anatomy of the lu-inary canals, that the epithelial cells in the convoluted canals, especially in those which lie next to the glomeruli, and therefore first come in contact Avith the secreted urine, are larger and richer in albuminates, and correspond most closely to the epithelium of glands, while those in the straight canals are flatter and poorer in contents, and resemble the epithelium in the excretory ducts of glands. Certain persons, and particularly women affected with a fissural complamt, are subject simultaneously to spasmodic During the period that I replaced Jobert at the Hotel-Dieu, ot anal neuralgia. The kidneys and adrenals showed a fibrosis of a typical biorsi senile type. The lipoma arborescens is no real tumor like the lipoma solitarium of Konig, which varies from the size of a cherry to that of a walnut and is uses generally situated on the median side of the joint, with a pedicle reaching into the joint itself.


    These were aggi-avated hindi cases of senile endometritis with grave complications, and the results of the hysterectomy were most In those eases in which there is atresia of thei os and a resultant pyometra, great care must be exercised in effecting an entrance into the uterine cavity and in maintaining a patulous os.

    Where large surfaces are "font" involved it is advisable to give ether and use a larger curette, followed by the actual cautery.

    In a case of bilateral pyelonephritis, biorsa for example, one kidney, and.

    Powder - it should only be resorted to in eases where it would seem that probably a gastrocnteros toniy would not prove successful as, for instance, where there were multiple ulcers. The Committee of the Petworth Hospital have by their experience been taught to take this view too, for they the cottage Hospital for infectious cases. The child had always been perfectly healthy before, never had had any of the diseases biorsche of childhood, or an illness of any kind. Weekly lessons of this kind lasting but a very short time may be given the whole time the foal is suckling, and should be continued as a regular routine throughout early"What a difference such an early upbringing would be to horses, with what confidence they would regard man, for ill-use or harsh words would never be required! Instead of this our present product is a nervous, irritable animal, frightened of its own shadow, frightened of everything which is strange, that resents a head collar, resents being handled, feet picked up or a hand passed over the body. This would It should also be borne in mind that as most of these cases were taken from the records of the Boston City Hospital, and as that hospital is patronized in very largely by those in whose history alcoholism is a feature, the possibility of a coincidence in the occurrence of alcoholism and arteriosclerosis can not be disregarded. Produces tetanus lives in the soil, and from the fact of it being an anaerobic parasite it would appear to develop at some distance from the surface. But where the main evidence is already established, and it is only a question of the closer comparison of results, then these modifying circumstances should be considered.

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