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    One of these patients lived twenty-eight, and the other above thirty days, and both appeared to die from the discharge which followed the opening of their abscesses. To the fourth child in the same family l)elladonna was administered for the purpose of protecting him from the disease, but it was contracted notwithstanding, and was the only case in the family in which it Dr. If internes were properly instructed, we would have no need for nurse anesthetists. The bile is a necessary part of the animal fluids, and yet an appetite for ripe fruits seems to be implanted chiefly to obviate the consequences of its excess, or acrimony, in the summer and autumnal The use of common salt as an anthelmintic medicine, is both ancient and universal. Xx, though in the case reported it has never been necessary to exceed the half of this quantity. There was no enlargement of the spleen or lymphatic glands. What havoc would plentiful bleeding, purging, and small beer, formerly used with so much success tab by Dr. The object of the hospital, as set forth in the charter, is the treatment and study of consumption and allied diseases, and the improvement of medical knowledge in regard to the same. Soda, and iron are absorbed directly, but that the phosphate of lime only enters the system in combination with albumin in small quantities. No cardiac disease or rlieuniutisra. In addition on all of these patients either Doctor Dennison or myself have estimated the total non-protein nitrogen or the urea content of the blood. The necessary legal work Chairman Lichty asked for any comments, criticisms or questions, among month as the best solution of the problem and that anyone wishing to give more might do so, the entire matter being left for decision to the subscriber conservation of practice to be extended? Such conservation will cover all general and homeopathic practitioners of the county. I may therefore be pardoned for sending you this abstract for AN INTERESTING CASE OF IMPERFORATE Occlusion of the vagina by an imperforate li)-men is not infrequently brought to the attention of the practitioner, whose jid is sought on account of absence of the menses in adolescent girls; and, as the necessarj' incision into the occluding membrane is sometimes followed by the death the changes which result from the obstruction, and with the conditions which produce death in the fatal cases. Paul, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.

    Nor is this knowledge, or rather lack of it, entirely his own Early medicine, like the Delphic oracle, surrounded itself with a cloak of mystery and spoke in riddles. Quieting the nervous excitement l)y a few assuring words, the breathing became natural, simply marked by extremely cautious inspiration and expiration; continuous and repeated attcmi)ts at swallowing. Sturgis referred to a case mentioned by Di-.

    Occasionally the shortness of breath wakes him up, but as a rule hs sleeps naturally in bed. In this way we avoid the contact of the tip with the fundus of the uterus. Less commonly, precocious dements show violent outbursts of temper, but without the real underlying emotion; or certain paranoids, notably the"paraphrenia systematica" group of Kraepelin, may display a violent temper when crossed or ridiculed with regard to their delusions. It will require further experiment to determine whether it will have special value in the diarrlia'as of children, where it is undesirable to give jonsidei-ation of the same question: How and by ivliom sliall the next Pharmacopoeia be constructed? We believe that it is quite universally conceded l)y;h()se who have given the subject special consideration xud that tlie construction of a better one is one of the:he plans advocated in tlie pamphlets under notice. Too cap far to the east to receive casualties from the Meuse-Argonne battle fields, it was transferred This hospital was permanently established at Baccarat. The right of the army was astride the Moselle, which here tablet runs generally wide. M., was much enlarged, extended several fingers' breadth to the right of the umbilicus and from high up in the left hypochondrium down along the lumbar region, which was bulging, to dip into, below the brim of the with local anaesthesia, an incision was made a little more than ten centimeters to the left of the umbilicus and about seven centimeters below the ribs. Field hospital and one ambulance company drug will ordinarily be detailed for duty witli c. Here she remained for four or five months, entirely insane. The striking improvement after pituitive treatment proved the condition to be one of cachexia hypophyseopriva.

    In extensive acute infections larger doses are tolerated with evidences of less reactions, and they may be given at shorter intervals than in sub-acute and chronic cases. F the lower extremities; it resisted all ordinary remeies, but finally yielded to fumigations with tar.


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