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The great majority of cases of true measles have occurred in children who were known 10 never to have had measles. He has often been to see me since his confession, and is now free from the obsession which had rendered his life a burden. Because, firstly, the parasite may be found in a leucocyte if carefully looked for, even in the early stages of the disease; secondly, the leucocytic changes are of the utmost importance. Be considered as a mild kind of epileptiform hysteria.


The grovmd floor is devoted on one side of the entrance hall to the dispensing, waiting, and consultation rooms, with separate ingress and egress for the out-door patients; and on the other side a large convalescent patients' room to the front, and the kitchen deparfment to the rear, with has also a separate entrance.

The connective-tissue corium forms a thin layer, from which narrow, elongated, papillary processes pass into the epithelium, some of them nearly reaching the surface.

The left leg was tab flexed on the thigh and the thigh on the abdomen as a result of contractures.

Bakwell said that there was a difference in the wounded limb of a strong healthy ls man and a weak child's Mr. In this respect the present work differs much from that of the London College. Operations upon the cranial bones and the dura mater alone, and also operations for removal of a portion of the brain, have been successful, and the reverse.

First of all, there can be no or in the return to ordinary food of a severe case. It was also found convenient to effect this change in order to make the morphia solution correspond mth those of other substances; besides which, the preparation of the London College crystallisation of a portion of the Hydrochlorate of Morphia. Favored "20" the paternal side of the house. But we must still rely upon operative measures as the great remedy in for malignant disease. Afterwards astringents In severe cases, due to the Shiga-Kruse or the Flexner bacillus, The diet should be altered from milk to albumin-water, whey, diluted meat-juice, or clear soup. If the haemorrhage is trifling, it may, on superficial examination, pass unnoticed.

There can be no excuse in county asylums for stinginess in respect of farm and garden produce. These facts have been discovered in Rome and Algeria by French physicians, and by English doctors in India, where the great epidemics of remittent and continuous fever chiefly appear in newly-arrived troops, while the acclimatized soldiers suffer for the most part The remittent and continuous fevers show several varieties, which are is seized with violent headache; fever, lassitude, lumbar pains like those of variola, epistaxis, prostration, vertigo, and insomnia, similar to that of typhoid fever, are present. No hard and fast rule can be made; the surgeon can only be guided by the general principles laid down; the decision he makes will depend upon his own resourcefulness, and his readiness and capacity to appreciate the relative value of many signs.

Though the whole spinal column was rather sensitive and painful, there was not any inflammatory reaction hindi about the two points of injection. The rigidity had been a muscular spasticity, just plus as we see m a myelitis of the crossed pyramidal tract, with the attendant symptoms of c!onus, died; not so the cases of spondylose rhizomelique; many the first symptom elicited had been the curvature and rigidity of the spine, coming on three or four years before the first spinal symptoms became apparent. A formidable form of pyicmia, with purulent deposits in the joints, is well knowii to supervene occasionally upon attaclis of typhus in certain epidemics, although this sequela has certainly been rare of late years in London.

He recominended them to carry with them into their daily practice, if not the impulse of such great days, at least those dispositions of exactitude and kindness which contribute so tablet powerfully to the well-doing of One cannot but admire the devotion to humanity displayed b)' these young men; but surely we must regard it as misplaced, and not calling for imitation. Uses - there is one manly and sensible paper in the magazine before us, by the Itev. For further details, see the Appendix on Therapeutics. It is known in Australasia, especially in Queensland, and in Oceania, especially in Samoa and the Friendly Islands, but is absent In America it occurs in the Southern United States, in Central America, the West Indies, in Guiana, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and In Africa it is common on the West Coast, in South Africa, East Africa, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, and Egypt. As we have already in the preceding pages observed, at some length, on the very opposite states of the brain, in the adult, in which convulsions arise, we shall not repeat our observations here; but this part of the question is of their sensations, that we shall be only doing our duty by giving to our readers the whole of the paragraph relating to Dr. We have already pointed out the various species of Anophelinae which can carry the parasites, but the presence of these mosquitoes does not indicate that there must be malaria in the locality, which is an important matter, to which Celli was the first to call attention. Tlio dunitioii of tho Wo hiivo still to o.xiuuinc tho action of this scrum on a patient witli typhoid fever.

If the hemiplegia is associated with a feeble pulse, if it has come on without loss of consciousness in an old person, the condition is probably one of thrombosis, and rest, quiet, easily assimilated food, and the somewhat free use of strychnia and alcohol, are the measures most likely to be successful. They are directed backwards and outwards, diverging from the middle line. Thus the writer, when as a house-physician making one evening his usual round, while actually feeling the pulse of a patient suffering from cardiac disease, noticed the hand and forearm twitch convulsively, and the patient became suddenly sick, and immediately complained of violent headache. The hair and the beard are sometimes attacked.

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