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    Julius K9 Koton Yelek(Small)

    Following a year in general practice in Iowa, he spent two years as a medical missionary in Belgium and Africa for the Evangelical Free Church of America. People with bad hygienic surroundings are more liable to the disease. Journal of Iowa Medical Society AGE VISUAL DISABILITY FIRST NOTED YEARS OF ATTENDANCE AT IOWA BRAILLE AND Years of Attendance at School Number Age and sex distributions are noted in Table I.


    They enter into the composition of many popnlar tonic or"condition" powders and drinks, and, by their stomachic and carminative properties, aid digestion. Professor of medical diagnosis, postgraduate department, Tulane University (tablets). Melodies and songs of her childhood days which she had forgotten were 200 heard. GEnanthe has only toxicological effects to record, but these are sufficiently marked to satisfy the most skeptical seeker for drug effects. I believe in niaking the injection just under the skin. Where it is impracticable to shave the hair around a wound a depilatory of equal parts of sulphide of barium and starch moistened with water and allowed to remain for a few minutes will remove the THE TREATMENT OF NEURASTHENIA BY It is rather strange that here in America where the discoveries of our brothers across the water are so closely scanned, so little attention has been paid to one of the greatest discoveries of modem therapeutics.

    The Soul and Sex in Burdett's Hospitals and Charities for Byla, P., mg et Delaunay, R. He had known good results to follow simple exploratory incision and evacuation of the flaid in taheronlons peritonitis, where there In the writer's opinion it was not a case where the mental condition wonld he improved by an operation. Various remedies were administered without any permanent improvement, and death occurred on the seventh day, from exhaustion, or perhaps starvation is nearer correct, as sufficient food was not retained to sustain life.

    They must be learned by familiar contact with the insane, and faithful clinical study of their them. Absolute rest and quiet are to be enforced, in the hope that the infection may run out does occur, the case becomes a surgical one, which time dosage does not permit our discussing in this paper. Although Landry's paralysis leads secondarily to neuritis, it follows a certain typej it is very fatal and has special characteristics. Christian held a medical clinic at the with the number of deaths from certain was served on the spacious hosp: tal population vaccinated against smallpox - places. Leucocytes and cells 500 from urethra or neck of bladder. Laity have received the impression that Watch the working of the popular hothis is the only test and, as a result, per- tel. Three or four days, but not alarmingly; his case being one of and headache being the only symptom complained of. The puncture should be made about on the plane of the iuootion of tbe superior and middle thirds of a spinous process, about passing through the skin the needle should be directed slightly upwards and towards, and it then enters the canal without difficulty. In these cases it takes 250 the place of the cautery, over which it possesses great advantages, with none of its disadvantages. In the latter (cases of advanced hypopyon keratitis), the constitutional reaction was peculiarly violent and no noticeable effect on the ocular lesion could be traced with any degree of certainty.

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