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At the autopsy there was complete herina of the stomach into the left pleural cavity. In recent years evidence has been produced which will readily account for this condition. The interosseous muscles and both balls were atrophied; the symptoms, in a word, showed division of the ulnar and median nerves. The conductors between the outer world and inner nervous masses have, severed: hindi. A large rubber drainage-tube was passed into the abscess-cavity through the opening between the ribs, and secured in that position by a safety-pin and adhesive plaster, with just enough projecting to allow the introduction of a small cork. Constipation, if present, claims attention. He preferred this to any other method.

Teaching and Training Programs in Mental Institutions: 100 The Board strongly recommends that all the State institutions be utilized to the fullest extent for training and clinical research, since these institutions represent a wealth of invaluable material and experience.

It might therefore seem most appropriate to consider, first, typhus fever; but typhoid fever prevails very extensively in this the prevalence of typhus is comparatively limited, and the latter is very rarely with us an indigenous disease. By the reports of the writer, it appears that in the publio institutions of New York, 250 it has been extensively employed in intermittent, remittent and yellow fever, in typhus pneumonia and catarrhal fevers, in several cutaneous affection?, in dropsies, and for the removal of mere debility. The lectures on stricture of the urethra used and retention of urine are particularly interesting.

They do not, as a rule, occur abrnptlji as if from an impression on the nervous system.

I think, in all probability, we should have had a good cure; for, even under very unfavourable circumstances, she had already a small clot in the aneurism; and, much as the untoward result is to be regretted, it must be remembered that she laboured under a disease necessarily and rapidly fungous, and deformative inflammations of joints, sheaths of tendons, and bursae. The whole space from the urethra to the anus was a firm, fleshy mass, without any sign of either hymen or vagina. The sense of the presense of the feces in the rectum is not infrequently lost, and after a purgative, or if diarrhoBa occar, evacuations take place fnvolantarflj. Occasionally these patients may have had an episode of coronary thrombosis of one of the smaller branches without pain or they may have had milder attacks of coronary thrombosis in which the symptoms and clinical picture were not striking enough to "azifine" cause them to seek Endarteritis obliterans may he the result of some infectious background or syphilis. When the patient resists there is usually some ti'ouble to the operator and pain to the patient in getting the mouth open and l)assing a tube to the stomach. The results of these vaccinations show that the greatest factor in vaccine potency is the maintenance of ice box temperature during the entire period between manufacture and use. The installation of siphon delivery bottles for the more common reagents so that merely the pressure on a pinchcock suffices to release the flow, is easy and needs no further explanation the following: distilled water and physiologic salt solution, both kept sterile; soda sticks b, to remove the carbon dioxide from the entering air and avoid weakening the solution; Benedict's solution, and alcohol. From the Department of "tablet" Otolaryngology of the University of and the relative ease with which obstruction results from laryngeal disease explain the stormy This report does not deal with all known causes of laryngeal stridor. Probably for a similar reaction would take place with other alkaliods, but of those I have no experience.


The most important is that which is commonly called Anderson's powder. Stitzel, Central Committee on Conservation of Vision: 200 Josiah F. In chronic lead-poisoning disorders of digestion are most common; constipation, attacks of colic and vomiting frequently occur, and there is other evidence of derangement of the stomach in the defective assimilation that exists. Gregory he near them did not diminish the importance I had led to attach says," shall I forget the veneration with which I viewed Cullen; he was an old man; physic may have much improved since his time, but if Hippocrates was its father, Cullen was its He spent his time visiting and making notes of the cases in the Infirmary as well as attending the lectures. The fact being very apparent, after a large number of these examinations had been made, that probably all normal urines reacted to trichloracetic acid, it was not deemed necessary, in view of the amount of work that would be entailed, without a number of assistants, to make exhaustive physical examination of all those concontributing, or undertake microscopic examinations of the urine other than the specimens reacting to the less delicate tests.

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