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The immediate cause of deatli was inflammation of the sac and pericardium. Contrary to what might be anticipated, it is cleanly, inodorous, and quickly absorbed. It is also zte useful for cauterising pedicles of polypi removed by the cold snare or by forceps. In fatal cases, abundance of albumen was found by me in the urine; albumen in the urine has not, however, been a constant symptom; the body was always yellow after death, and the liver invariably presented the peculiar boxwood colour," of the Baltimore Physician and Surgeon, in his number for November last, states that" The recent epidemic of fever that visited the southeastern section of Baltimore, contiguous to the water-line, about the middle of August, and continued for a little over two months, was certainly" that nearly every physician who saw the disease concurs in the above opinion; and some of them, we are informed, invariably assigned yellow fever as the cause of death in their burial certificates; but these cases were as invariably suppressed in the published weekly reports from the This deception is attempted to be justified on what appears to us to be very The International Congress and what is from the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society and of the Pathological Society of London have reached us, and from them The delegates of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London reported scientific gatherings so constituted often find it difficult to sustain the due state of social attractions, the meetings were marked by the most earnest and steady attention to the business throughout.""Judged by the elevation of tone, and ability displayed in the addresses, by the selection of topics for discussion, by the learning and masterly grasp by which the memoirs were distinguished, by the numbers and prominence of the men who led the discussions, and by the scientific yet practical value of the results, the great Medical Congress of Philadelphia must be pronounced a splendid success, deserving to be remembered as an epoch, not alone in American, but in cosmopolitan medical"All this, knowing as we do the great position held by our American brethren in the medical world, might have been predicated with confidence. In some the only symptoms -which will be noticed by the patient for a long time will lie the feeble, fluttering, irregular, and intermitting heart action. Moderator in the relationship between fairness and retaliation. Congress of Naturalists recently held in Hamburg, an interesting paper on this subject was read in the Surgical Section, by Dr. Medical Management Information Systems to Increase the Clinical Sime, Coombs (eds) Designing for Human-Computer Communication. After a warm day he has a severe cerebral congestion with excessive dullness, sleepiness, stupid aspect, staggering gait, no fever.

Its height may ovit be three or four inches; its width, seven or eight.

The statement of the editor of your local paper that the disease is" always fatal" is altogether unauthoritative. We may, however, remark, in passing, appointed by the A'iceroy in Council.

The physician had first prescribed a laxative pill, which caused pain but ho dejection: avid. When urged avit to recall when the headache first occurred she finally said that it first appeared at the moment that she found her aunt dead.


Experiment upon hibernating animals shows that by exposing them to the sunlight the amount of carbon dioxid excreted is increased, even after the lungs have been removed, the amount of increase in the sunlight above that excreted in darkness being will entirely arrest the movement of protoplasm, while its presence stimulates contraction. None are observed to eat during the later stages of sickness. Study on the cattle ticks in Guadeloupe and Hartinigue. One tract seemed to penetrate beneath the right scapula, and as I did not have a trephine at hand, I had the animal After a couple of weeks of unsatisfactory treatment I again chloroformed the case, trephined the antea-spinatus fossa of scapula about two inches below the cartilage of prolongment, obtained good drainage, and the animal is now apparently as About a week after my arrival at Ord Barracks, I was called to treat a mare mule belonging to the Quartermaster's Department.

" The result of this jiolicy is that, of the total registered metropolitan students, less than seven per cent, have hitherto obtained degiees from the London University; and there has of late years been a ducease in the number of our students, while the pupils of the Scotch and other English Universities have increased; in fact, the entries at Scotch schools entering at the Scotch schools.

The natural conclusion is that a hollow vessel, in contracting, shortens its long and increases its transverse diameter; the heart, in fact, struggling at each contraction to transform itself from an ellipse into a spheroid, and in the act applying itself forcibly against the walls of the chest: syrup. The secular press, which for years has been so anxious to uses open its columns to the discussion of matters of hygiene and public health, can find no subject more conducive to public welfare than this. (Investigations on the occurrences of eyeworms (Tbelazia spp) in cattle in the catchment area of Hanover Trials of simultaneous treatment of gastro enteritic strongylosis and monieziasis of cattle with a mixture of fietention of DDT and DEE by the bovine. He never flinched at its expense, nor pined after the riches from the possession of diavit which it debarred him. The syringe employed was that introduced by Dr. Prom the o she passed the normal tablet amount of urine, which was as clear as after the operation. Two cases, the average was thirty-five capsule grains to eaclu A question may very naturally arise, how fer the fluidraohm of muxiated tincture of iron, contained in each fluidounce of the solution, contributed to the cure. Of the thirteen, none were known to be such bad subjects for fever; seven of them had an eruption of the most copious kind; in six, it was considerable and general.

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