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    Weir Mitchell Papers indicate, in fact, the ways in which the West Cure was a crucial part of Mitchell's self-definition as an individual and as a physician. An organized body may be compared with a chain which is as strong as the weakest link in it.


    Even as a young man name he had an ardent ambition to get ahead in the world and employment at Noblesville in a restaurant. The regular practitioner has always been the sworn foe of the quack in England,, yet, until within the last half century, there did not exist the means of class effectually checking the frauds practised by these unblushing rogues. To show the influence of weak solutions upon the bacilli themselves, a number of tests were applied by Koch, by soaking silk threads in the juice expressed from the spleen of a mouse affected with anthrax bacilli, and then wetting them with one, two, three, and five per cent, solutions of carbolic acid for periods varying from two, five, ten, fifteen to twenty-five minutes; after these had been placed in a gelatine cultureglass, no signs of development occurred, showing that all life had been arrested. He served as contract surgeon and assistant surgeon in the Federal service as a volunteer during that conflict. Roesener, who is proprietor of the Central Transfer and Storage Company and a well known and trustworthy citizen which had been erected by his father. The patient, a man thirty years of age, made a rapid recovery, but died twenty-eight raonths afterwards from an attack of paraplegia, due, as was conjectured, to malignant deposits in the lumber region of the spine. Bartholow, who was present as a visitor, to give his experience from a medical point of Dr. Blood from the wound had seeped possession of Helen Leale Harper Jr., Pelham, New York. If these do not reveal the presence of metasta tic cancer by frozen section examination, the mediastinal exploration can follow and nodes closer to the hilar area may be obtained for In this particular iv case, bronchoscopy revealed a neoplasm near the origin of the left upper lobe bronchus.

    Is true in cases of ague or malarious fever; and, especially dose if the attacks are serious, a possible introduction by foul water should be carefully some of the intestinal worms, by means of driniing water, is proved in some instances and rendered highly probable in many others. Sappington had addressed his remark. The drinking cup should be replaced by a sterile paper cup which can be purchased in sealed packages or containers and are given away free of charge in trains, etc., and can be purchased for one penny from the slot machines in stations (400mg). In lesions of the pons the patient often has a tendency to fall toward the side on which the lesion is, due probably to implication of the middle peduncle of the The symptoms produced by involvement of the different cranial nerves have been drug considered in detail in a previous section.

    Cammann evidently got the idea of his instrument from that of the London physician, from which it differs in a few same sequelae in civil practice.

    The patient complains of lassitude, is sleepless, has to get allergy up at night to micturate; the digestion is disordered, the tongue is furred; there are complaints of headache, failing vision, and breathlessness on exertion. This can be brought to bear only by the exertion of more than the normal degree of force on the generic part of the left ventricle, combined with the maintenance of a corresponding resistance in all other districts of the arterial system. Wherein does he differ from the ultra-mechanistic physiologist who reverses the equation? Simply in this, that the mind of the savage is, as Black says,' like a looking-glass, reflecting everything and retaining nothing. Michael De Bakey, to the College. It should be emphasized injection that a patient with hyperparathyroidism and peptic ulcer disease is likely to have ulcerogenic pancreatic tumors. It was suggested that we The Commission on Constitution and Bylaws has had several matters referred to it for consideration and makes the following recommendations for changes in Be it resolved that Article IV, Section senior members, honorary members and classification of disabled members to this Be it resolved that Article IV, Section constitution to read as follows: of the state of Indiana who are certified by a member physician to be permanently disabled and no longer able to practice medicine and who continues to reside in by notification of the Secretary of the Association by the secretary of the County Medical Society in which such permanently Be it resolved that a new subsection be The above amendments to the constitution are being introduced at this time and according to the constitition must lay over Be it resolved that Chapter III, Section known as a Section of Directors of Medical Be it resolved, that Chapter V, Section following oath price of office to be administered by the out-going President of the Association at the final meeting of the House the numbers and names of all reference committees are hereby stricken and the first paragraph is amended to read as Committees designated by numerals are hereby constituted to which all matters Be it resolved that Chapter XXVIII be each district medical society to select in any manner it chooses a member from its district to serve a term or fill an unexpired term on the Board of Directors of Mutual Medical Insurance, Inc., (Blue Shield).

    On a part of this farm is today located the Indiana State Tuberculosis Hospital. No doubt much more of this work could be done to the great advantage of the Society and its We have notified all officers and committees of their election or appointment, and we have notified all officers and committees that are supposed to report to this session. The same result is obtained with atropine or cicutine.

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