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    On the contrary they have been able to produce a condition of insensibility equally as profound as with chloroform. To avoid water solution stagnating on a larger surface than is necessary. For diarrhoea the astringents, either by the salt mouth or by the rectum. Wood said that the price of a diploma was not the test of the value of an examination. The disease, as it appeared here, was so unusual, as to merit a full detail. Some time since a" llomccopathic Academy" was founded, and its president received letters of nobility; and now we learn that the Government has ventured upon the establishment of a professorship and clinic, under the specious pretence of examining into, under suitable inspection, "respirator" the practical value of the llomccopathic doctrines.

    The overlying serosa was unremarkable (syrup). Agreed should be sent to the guardians of this Union, for wliich yon wUl circiUar letter to you and aU other Boards of Guardians throughout England and Wales, relative to the supply of cod-liver oil, quinine, and other expensivo medicines for the poor, we have felt it our dutv to you,.as your Jledical officers, to hold a meeting on the subject, in order that we mav if possible, assist you iu arriving at a right decision on the questions involverl, as they.are purely Medical, and are with dilfieulty understood"AVe think it right to premise our rem.arks by stating that the recon-menclation of the Select Committee on Poor-law ReUef was made for the benefit of the poor,.as it was felt that, owing to the expensive nature of m;uiy drugs the Poor-law Medical officers could not afford to purchase them out of the very low salaries now paid to them, and, as a the poor have been but imadequ.ately supplied with them; if, therefore' the guardians should caiTy out the recommendation of the Select Coml mittee the present.Medical officers must not be expected to contribute from their salaries the extra expense, but they wiU most readily H ith regard to cod-liver oil, we have no suggestion to offer on the recommendation of the Poor-law Board furtherthan to inform yon that it woi W advTse your purchasing it done up in -I-ounce and li-ouuce liottles; drags frequently enter into the composition of one bottle of medicine medicmcs, or else you will aUow your officers to order them from the druggists We lieg further to recommend that leeches should also hp found by the they are frequently of great importance iTthl The"GLAsr;ow Mohnino Joi-rnal" on Dr. They are rapidly increased pregnancy until, almost before thought of by the owner, they destroy the value of the sheep. The shepherd takes the sheep between his legs; his left hand more advanced than his right, which he places under the head, and grasps the under jaw near to the hinder extremity, in order to press the angular vein, which passes in that place, safe for the purpose of making it swell; he touches the right cheek at the spot nearly equidistant from the eye and mouth, and there finds the tubercle which is to guide him, and also feels the angular vein swelled below this tubercle; he then makes the incision from below upward, half a finger's breadth below the middle of the tubercle. The former sulphate stands some The Great Java fowl is seldom seen in this country in its purity. There is not much of original matter in the communication, and the final passages," conclusions," are, perhaps, too dogmatic, especially in regard to the absolute diagnosis of the poisoning, and to the negative influence of all remedies. A child is no sooner restless from griping, or any other cause, but an opiate is administered.

    It did not at first occur to me that a similar fallacy might exist here; and I undertook some experiments on injecting blood through the liver at different pressures with the view of finding out why such an escape of sugar took place from the organ after death, and not during life.

    One has not heard before of the use of the centrifuge in malaria or for blackwater fever, and it would seem advisable to employ this method wherever possible.

    If operated severely, and higher up, great exudation occurs, which spreads upward, invades the areolar tissue round the rectum and other pelvic organs, and death soon salbutamol puts an end to the animals excruciating suffering.

    Bartholomew's Hospital; Herbert Chrippes Upton, St Frederic Richai-d Fisher, St.

    Hall and myself, completed the course. This is sa found in the intestines. It sa-8 is rarely fatal, and has no pathognomonic lesions.


    Steller, Af,D., Monmouth James H, Spillane, M.D., Warren Charles,S, Krueger, M.D., Burlington Julio del Castillo, M,D,, Mercer sustained release by micro-dialysis diffusion New B-C-BID provides a smooth, continuous, predictable rate of release of water-soluble B-complex and C ip vitamins. The emergence of the imago from the pupal case, every step of wliich is described mth remarkable care "uses" and minuteness. If one waits for seven days before making a diagnosis early typhoid can be differentiated from during dengue, as in the latter the temperature nearly always falls after this date. As all will allow that during the repair of injuries the most perfect rest of body and mind are to be secured if possible, I need offer no apology for occupying your space with what seems a small matter, as I am convinced that bv such a plan of dressing wounds, patients have derived very' muc h comfort Mary R., aged G, was transferred from the London Fever year. Excess of fatty matter in them must reduce the oxidation. The typhus which is now committing ravages does not differ from the fevers of which we have just spoken, except by a greater extension and a greater intensity of the symptoms which characterise it; yet other maladies, appertaining to the same species of tj'phoid maladies, have shown themselves for the first time at St. Attempts to transmit carcinoma from dog to dog also failed. In fact, it would be impossible, I believe, to find in the world a place affording us the chance we have here."" The contemplated railroad English company with ample means to complete it at an early day." all that Mr. We have great pleasure in quoting the following friendly because it shows that the editorial staff of that journal approve and that their large circle of Jledical readers are likely to join" We have devoted a good deal of our space to extracts from a very excellent series of papers on' Cheap Wines' which have appeared from time to time in the Medical Times and Gazette, because the information which they convey is not only something new, but very startling, and of great importance to the Profession.

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