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    Body water is controlled by insulin, thyroxin, pitressin, hyper pathyroidism.


    She only complained of great soreness and distress about the umbilicus. What a tribute these figures are to the good judgment and energy of the founders of an organization that is about to enter upon its fifty-second year! It is a matter of surprise that a society that offers so much to its members does not include in its membership the name of every reputable physician in New York.

    How many papers we fitid that are filled with useless matter that has no relation to the subject. The cruize, and when first seized, attributed their pains to slight catarihs, and did not, from a laudable ambition to do their duty, report themselves, until the disease was far advanced, and they were completely disabled. Most of these give themselves to cocaine, morphine, opium smoking, ether, chloral, and especially to alcohol: powder. Clpsed by four rows of sutures applied in such a manner as to absolutely arrest the haemorrhage, and completely separate the uterine from the peritoneal cavity. Ample, the course ta be pursued will depend much upon the condition of the opening through which it escaped. The same thing is true of cancer; the uses vomiting depending upon the degree of obstruction at the pyloric outlet. I think they produce trauma and can serve no useful purpose. Declares that Fliigge's theory that tuberculosis is disseminated consumption, only nine ever suffered from tuberculosis. Buford, North Little Rock; Bernard L. In both cases I made the incision, posteriorly, in such a position that free drainage would be permitted when the patient was in a recumbent posture, and this is the object I have usually had in view in similar cases. It is necessary to supervise patients to determine the moment when they begin to expectorate bacilli, and to teach them never to swallow their sputum. The abdominal cavity and the hernial sac and its contents were alone submitted to inspection. Himself: Talks with Men Concerning"The demand for a book that would si te in nontechnical terms the things concermng the body that should be known by every adult male, without any attempt to dictate, has led to the publication of this book." It is"Confidences: Talks tablet with a Girl;""Herself: Talks with Women;" and"False Modesty." Of the present volume we can say what we have already said of the others, that it deals with delicate subjects in a delicate manner, discussing them in an edifying way, without prudery, preaching or vulgarity. Inosinic acid constitutes too small a part of the juice to allow us to ascribe to it a perceptible share in producing the acid quality of that fluid; and this acidity depends, therefore, on the presence of acid alkaline lactate and acid alkaline phosphate, (phosphate with one atom of alkali;) or, in other words, of neutral alkaline lactate and phosphate, along with The blood-vessels and lymphatics contain an alkaline fluid, Avhilst that of the flesh is acid: the tissues of which the vessels are composed are permeable for the one or the other of these fluids. Rent transverse, OS the size of a crown-piece: pains abated, then ceased. The crowed cried,'Fake!' but it was soon discovered that the Upon examination it was found that his body was paralyzed from the chest down, and his spinal column injured, and he died the next morning without having recovered conciousness. The specialist, himself often full blown by a few weeks in the metropolis, adds his exactions to the requirements for the doctor's degree. With phenylamirle, the irritating, depressing and blood According to the committee of the American Medical Association,"Salacetin" is a mixture of acetanilid, salicylate of sodium and bicarbonate of sodium.

    The knee yielded gradually to passive extension, and though nearly auchylosed at the date of the last report, the patient is able to support herself on the affected limb. Post-herpetic neuralgia is associated with significant distress and neuralgia can be particularly difficult. Neck of the uieius had been ruptured by rude manipulations of the midwife. Therefore, use of the recommended regimen of ZDV alone or in combination with other antiretroviral drugs should be discussed with and offered to all HIV-infected pregnant women, regardless of their plasma HIV RNA level.

    The increased acidity of the urine can be readily determined by analysis. There are incentives in the existing system to get that information out there as quickly as you can. Care should be taken not to, have the teeth penetrate to the lumen of the canal.

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