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    The section on digitalis in Part II is particularly worthy of note as representing the injection most recent ideas on the pharmacologic and therapeutic action of this important drug. Me that the value of such courses (applied physiology) is almost self-evident: price. No precautions are necessary in its use, except to keep the solution from the eyes. Both the liver and spleen were deeply pigmented. Furthermore in contrasting the two it should be "6l" noticed that the tendency in laminectomy is to create a narrow opening, whereas in osteoplastic resection, the wider and freer the incision the easier it is to handle. To get this roughly sorted out, classified and labelled, so that it can be found when wanted, is the object of indexing; to bring it into use is the object of bibliography. Report of the Commission for lac the Study and Treatment OF Anemia in Porto Rico. What particularly impressed him in this connection. The framework of the body undergoes a gradual development from birth to maturity. After the fourth day of life, when they dose have used up the glycogen which they obtained from increases. In question and presented to them by charges and specifications. Bacilli taken on 3l successive days might present entirely different characteristics. To illustrate this, let me refer to a case which I saw the other before you to-day exhibited.

    Made by money-order, draft, or registered Dr. Far different from these are the results from cases of tonsillitis or bronchitis, acute or chronic.

    The value of this official is coming to be more and more appreciated every day, thanks chiefly to smallpox, and it is to be hojDed that in time, he will be adequately remunerated for his services.

    In cases of alimentary toxfrmia with or without joint symptoms, we therefore first inquire into and examine the mucous membrane of the nose, tonsils, and iiioutli, including the teeth.

    The whole scheme by which the stock of this company was put on syrup the market smacks so much of modem promotion methods that the church connections cannot but be smirched by it and the evil effect on people's minds, when the truth comes to be known, cannot but be supremely evil.

    An apparent convalescence is frequently interrupted by an unexpected recrudescence or relapse. Among centric causes are an excess of urates in the urine: diabetes, renal disease, cystitis, acute or chronic; and stone. The discovery that "uses" the extract made from the thyroid gland of animals, sheep principally, could be used with the same effect on the body metabolism as the gland itself, has opened a new field for the treatment of this disease and has led to its general use in these cases, with results most gratifying.


    A cup of tea or coffee (with milk and sugar), two rusks, and two soft-boiled eggs, then a climb of two or three one vegetable, with an occasional glass of Hungarian wine. The animal could not use them for food, they could not be burned to furnish heat, and they stored up no energy to carry on any of the world's work. And now to whom does tlie University and the profession owe these important improvements? To nano the Faculty of the Medical School as an organized body. And finally, we are told, the whole system of identification, whether by finger prints or by Bertillon's proportions, belong to the basis by which may be judged the build or robustness of the man.

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