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The cost of construction is greater; and the expense of warming, as well as of ventilation, if an efficient system be adopted, is much larger.

These areas of cerebral hemorrhage associated with evidences of softening have a curious outline, often following the irregularities of the cerebral surface as a cortical zone depends partly upon the depth of the sulci.

The congestions due to the action of adrena'in upon the blood-vessels arise from an increase in contract, or from a rise of pressure in the large veins, which increases the pressure in the central lobules of the liver and in the convoluted tube region of the kidney. Chirore, of Padua, had administered cinchonidin to pigeons, and had removed their cerebral hemispheres without convulsions, whence he concluded that it likely affected the motor zone. In uses the laboratory the student performs an extended series of experiments illustrating the principles of Chemistry. U t n-e so teii-e the diai,'nosis of tlie-e cases may ii'wr mmh dillictilty. Otis justly remarks,"it cannot be doubted that many cases of this form of injury terminate favourably and are never recognized," eight out of twelve (misprinted in the text as eleven) cases here reported or referred to, in which trephining was -practised, proved fatal, while the only patient who is positively known to have recovered from this injury during our war was not trephined. To go no further than the typhoid problem, it becomes pertinent to inquire whether every sporadic case of typhoid must necessarily be supposed to have derived the contagium vivum from a previous case.

Probably pathological conditions of the large abdominal sympathetic ganglia are much more common than is usually suspected, especially in anaemic girls of the age generally attacked by hydrocephalus and syringomyelia were found at the post-mortem.

The"uric acid diathesis," with its medicine chain of functional disorders, including a certain proportion of the cases of neurasthenia, exemplifies this class. The ascending aorta and the left ventricle were aspirated for residual air, and the aortic clamp was released. The duty of propagating this important discovery, imposed on every homoeopathic practitioner, has led us to appeal to the justice and "allvite" philanthropy of your Excellency. Nerve conduction velocity in peripheral nerves will be normal, although amplitude of responses may be reduced in affected muscles.

COLLEGE OP PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. (d) Special course in Ichthyology devoted particularly to the lake fishes, their habits and food supplies. His symptoms, owing to his partial intoxication; however, it was ascertained that he had not passed urine since the accident; he was conscious and rational, spoke of his friends, of how much money he had, etc. We:iii- eoiumoiiK- I -d to suspect crvptomenorrho'a when the jvitient v.ilunteers the statement tiiat she has pelvic pain, Ik adaclie. One week after dischage he had a sudden the left side. Bronchiectasis, otitis media, and sinusitis are common complications. References should be arranged according to the order of citation, and not alphabetically. There was immobility of the left pupil to light, but not to accommodation. Resolved, That as a Society we believe, and respectfully say, that diseases, and to protect the unfortunate sufferers from improper treatment of every kind, can be most properly and efficiently performed by an experienced and judicious medical man; and we respectfully protest against the late action of the Legislature in electing an individual to that office who is outside of the medical profession.


Eyestrain may be divided into two classes: subcortical eyestrain, that is reflex effects produced because of failure of the accommodative nervous mechanism to act properly, and cortical eye-strain due to the conscious effort to overcome ocular defects of various kinds. The anaesthesia was absolute to all stimulants.

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