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Cough - carter, who is a great authority on all matters connected with the natural history of the guinea-worm, has stated that in a school of fifty boys bathing in a pond, the sediment of which swarmed with microscopic tank-worms attacked with dracunculus during the year', whilst the boys of other schools, Imthing elsewhere on the island of Bombay, were, witii one or two individual exceptions, not afiTected. There were also tubercular ulcers in the intestines and changes in the kidneys. Pains, radiating pains, symptomatic of spinal disease, plus due to irritation of the posterior nerveroots. Palustris, ap a plant very common Elephant Leg. Resolved, That it is the sense of this society that hereafter in each examination for life insurance in which urine analysis is required the minimum Resolved, That the several component societies forming the Stale Association be requested to II. Nerve of the frog in order to decide whether similar peripheral" ether-effects" could -be elicited from this nerve, which, like the recurrent laryngeal, supplies groups of antagonistic muscles. There has been no return of In the following case the location of the reflex symptoms led to a diagnosis of cervical Pott's disease and later to one of meningitis. As the diseMe advances, there syrup ir more marked chilliness, succeeded by distinct feverishness.

He hesitated for some little time, but at length, without being pressed, he said he should prefer to have it administered. The skepticism which a few decades ago prevailed in the medical world has vanished in a great measure and a very material change has become apparent, especially as far as therapy is concerned. Un the other hand, the the figures given by the former writer uses being OH in a clot of it almost twice, and lluppo-Seyler about eleven times as much fat as is found in normal blood; on the other hand, liaycr, BenceJones, and Crevaux could detect no cliange in its composition. Varick, of Jersey City;" Bichloride of Mercury, its the Study of Hip-joint Disease," by Dr.

Secondary operation to close such fistula is rarely necessary as they usually heal spontaneously, although frequently after a long time. Various natural sulphur-waters have been employed in the United States, especially the Red Sulphur Spring water of Virginia, and the White Sulphur Spring water of Sharon. Tbcfefjrmptoais passed oflf rapidly, except in the instance of the Counttm of Loodcsboroogh, who, it is stated, was much indisposed for ten Foot days after the date on which His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales sickened with enteric fever. There was no subsequent external Another valuable instrument, especially adapted for the bony septum, is known as Jansen's biting forceps.


From time to time, rather from the influence of good writing and the personal characteristics of brilliant operators, than from the actual merit of It must be reaUzed at the outset that patients suffering from hypertrophy of the prostate are, as the very name of the malady implies, persons past the prime of life. The ftarther development of the new cells into connective tissue gives rise to the opacity, thickening, and puckering of the valves, and to tlie formation of permanent The effects of these changes upon the tare tions of the valves and their appendages are de scribed in the article Uxart, V alves of, Diseases of.

Each patient had been subjected to aspiration prior to the cutting operation. Editor: A meeting of physicians who regularly make examinations for life and accident a.ssociations and for the purpose of testifying in court was held at the A committee was appointed to draft articles of as.sociation and to receive the names of those who desire to join an organization of this kind. Baumler wished to know if bilateral paralysis of the chords occurred from where the discovery by the laryngoscope of paralysis of the vocal chord led to the diagnosis of aneurism.

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