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    Of the more common theories may be mentioned the following: action, producing its effect on the parenchyma of the kidney by overdistention. Fevers, poisons, gases, and cold are said to cause this condition. The liver is excessively painful and tender on pressure, and there are marked exacerbations of the pain.

    There is a poison line for oxygen as well as for pressure of the inspired air.

    It seems to me important that in all cases, and especially when chlorotic conditions are present, hepatic stimulation form an important part of the treatment, and that the diet be restricted to meat and milk as far as possible. Scheffey, of additional valuable records of the Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia; and, at the instigation of Dr. Aneurisms of the heart may be fusiform, sacculated, or globular, and they are usually situated in the wall of the left ventricle near its apex.' They may be single or multiple, and if multiple, open separately or in common. The lower part, on the other hand, widens and, its marginal fibres becoming attached to the ovary and the extremity of the Fallopian tube, acquires the form of an inverted Y, the inner branch of which passes to the ovary and the outer to the tube, while the atrophied AVolffian body, or parovarium, occupies the intermediate angle. S., a boy aged nine years, was admitted to right side of the abdomen, and had become generally ill. The first indication, then, is change of air and location.

    The urine is very scanty, and frequently suppressed, a precursor of a fatal In chronic enteritis casts of mucus, already described, are passed with the stools, and are sometimes thought by the patient to be the mucous membrane of the intestine or a large intestinal worm.

    On one occasion, during my absence from town, the recurrent growth was excised by Sir James Paget, and I mention this as an additional guarantee that the operations were liberal. 4c - the smaller drains, especially those on the hillsides, are also harmless in very wet weather; but the strong rush of water then erodes the banks, and makes pot-holes and depressions in bed; and so, although harmless in wet weather, they become dangerous breeding-places in dry weather when each depression and pot-hole is an isolated pool. A watchman is alfaom in charge of each reservoir to prevent trespassing. Inferiorly, these veins unite into a trunk which leaves the canal usually below the transverse process of the fifth cervical vertebra, and after being joined by the posterior jugular vein terminates in the well-known manner.

    I have never known this plan to fail; although, in two of my cases, the carbuncle has been situated on the face, where it is reputed to I WAS fortunate enough yesterday to have an opportunity of adopting the new method of analgesia (mentioned in the Journal of October suv over the anterior upper fifth of the tibia. If we allow the foregoing, it stands to reason that we mav express cents by calculating the prospective loss of Avages to the working man. In the absence of a more plausible theory, the writer is forced to conclude that every tumor is the product of tissue proliferation of a congenital or post natal matrix of embryonic cells, aroused into activity by a general or local physiological stimulation, or by congenital or acquired abnormal conditions in its immediate environment." (Pathologj- and For our purpose today in dealing with a practical phase of the question, we do not need to go into the realm of speculation or hypothesis. On auscultation the respiratory murmur is feeble, sometimes entirely absent, or harsh in character. Efforts to elucidate the biochemical mechanisms underlying dependence and tolerance have not yet proved fruitful. My granddaughter Kelly was one year old and her usual giulia delightful self. Many of the poor demented and usa crazed inmates fled as if for their lives, and could not be overtaken or confined. Judging from the marks gained in the London examination, we augur well alfaomega of the qualifications of the majority of the successful marks, and many others fall little short of the same respectable standard. It is true that the patient usually recovers, even though it be copious, and that very often it does not recur (romeo). This accident as a rule takes stage that we usually see these cases. Cream, as the natural fat of the milk, most often a failure amongst the poor; for while the milk sets the baby may be hungry, or the milk may become For them, l)oiigldr cream is too expensive, and it oil en contains preservatives. Pulmonary phthisis is often accompanied by fatty infiltration of the liver, the deficient respiratory power causing imperfect oxidation. The sculpture is so good that no other diagnosis than hysteria could be made. He would have liked to hear from some of those gentlemen who had made these communications what actinomycosis really was. Combined with massage and stimulation.


    Disregarding the traditional forms of bookmakers, Dr. Had worked all his life as a labourer on the river-side, lifting heavy weights, and "alfa" doing other hard labour. Introduced by: Bergen County Medical Society Referred to: Reference Committee"B" Whereas, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and Pennsylvania Blue Shield continue to require physicians of New Jersey to use the Whereas, this form is not available unless purchased from the Government Printing Office, the American Medical Association (AMA), or a medical entrepreneur at the expense of the physician; and Whereas, federal law requires physicians to complete this form for a patient without charging the Whereas, previous Medical Society of New Jersey resolutions requesting relief for physicians by seeking congressional review and corrective legislation Whereas, a physician advocate group in New York has obtained a legal opinion that states that any required form must be supplied by the federal government at no charge; now therefore be it claim forms to phys i c i an s at no cost; and b e it furth e r R e so l v e d, that the Board of Trustees b e dir e ct e d Re s o l ved, that the executive d i rector be required to contact as many n e ighboring m e dical s oci e ti e s in th e United Stat es in an effort to am e liorat e th e co s t Resolved, that MSNJ urge the AMA to initiate the northern half of the state (Districts I, II, and III), the southern half of the state (Districts IV and V); Whereas, Atlantic City only will accommodate the Annual Meeting on a Sunday to Wednesday schedule instead of a Thursday to Sunday schedule; Re s o l ved, that t ve Committee on Annual M ee t ing schedule two - thira s of the annua l meetings in the northern half of the s tate on a Thur s day to Sunday Resolved, that the Committee on spider Annual Meeting be instructed to continue its investigation of alternative sites, including the new Convention Center in Secaucus, and report back to the Board of Trustees on the appropriateness of each site. Logo - '" tention of our sanitary authorities to the advisability of adopting the cre-T mation rather than the burial of diseased cattle.

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