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Suppurating Ovarian Vein removed phmetro in a case of Pycemia. Lloyd Reynolds, who continues to engage in an active While we believe that this report reflects a continuing improvement in the doctor-patient ratio in our area, we recognize that the public continues to perceive a shortage in the availability of medical practitioners. The cases in which"sanitary works" have failed to reduce the death-rate from consumption are chiefly those in which the soil previously contained little water (as at Penzance and Brynmawr), and those in which the deep drainage was eflfected by impervious pipes laid down in compact channels (as at Penrith and Alnwick) so that no extensive soil-drainage could occur either The importance of these observations appeared to be so great that, in investigation in the three south-eastern counties, Surrey, Kent, and Sussex, for the purpose of determining whether any relation could be traced between the prevalence of consumption and the state of the soil as regards moisture.

And it should be added that throughout the right suprascapular, supraclavicular, and subclavicular regions the voice may in health be heard more loudly than in the corresponding left regions, though the difference is too slight to justify our speaking of the sound on the right side as bronchophonic. Besides this there is, however, another form of albuminuria, characteristic for the early stages of aortic insufficiency and not accompanied by cyanosis, edema, etc: ltda. Leonard Hill, of London, was surmised years ago is indicated by the following extracts from weather of that region that numerous cases of prostration from heat occurred, as well among the men on deck as with those in"Two deaths occurred during the year: one, a case of insolation cnpj There are probably few medical officers who would now fail to to affirm the belief of Chevers, Manson, Castellani, and other eminent authorities that of the predisposing causes of heat-stroke, alcohol habituation, or even occasional alcoholism, is one of the greatest factors. Same as II, tab except sealed in nitrogen. "Then, as legal authorities were of opinion that the Royal Charter of Laval University permitted affiliations but precluded a Succursale or branch, the School appealed to the Courts, and the opinion was sustained, but a bill was passed by the Legislature permitting Laval to multiply and so the Succursale went on.

Alexis Carrell total value of the prize divided between Drs. A great and ajjparently uncomplicated increase in alfakite the size of the spleen and an anemia of the secondary tyjie, usually with leukoi)enia, have been considered essential in the diagnosis. This must be due to a specific irritation of the kidneys by the albumen. Both uses had a green sloughy aspect, and the cellular substances was much inflamed. On one occasion it was thought that the droppings of the treated turkeys were more watery than those of the controls, but continued observations showed no marked difference in this respect between the two lots. THE BACTERIOLOGY OF BEOXCHO- AXD LOBULAR The follo-H-ing study of the bacteriology of pueumonia iu infancy was carried on at The Babies' Hospital for several years, with the view of determining the relationship between the extent of the pneumonic areas and the variety of bacteria present, and the difference, if any, between the bacteriology of the primary and of the secondary Forceps and scalpels were enclosed in sheet iron boxes and sterilized ready for use. Indeed, that the expectoration of pulmonary concretions is unfavourable was long ago stated by Moi'gagni. Kelsey, who, the Memorial Hospital, said that the property had wakeboarding been purchased by the Jewish Hospital Society. For this feeling there was and especially by the fluoroscope, revealed a pathognomonic change in the configuration of the alfa heart which made it possible to diagnosticate it with reasonable certainty. From five to ten grains of guaiacum resin should be given in cachets two or three times a day, according to the effect on the bowels, since guaiacum sometimes acts as a laxative. Ici n'y a ni chapes ni ind reliques. Suspecting the existence of sulphides, a test was made for their presence in the escaping gas, and a piece of filter paper soaked in a weak aqueous solution of lead acetate was very quickly turned a deep brown color, thus giving positive evidence of their presence.


The oxidation as carried out by the previously described kitap method does method of titration, the oxidation stops far short of complete production of carbon dioxide and water. The citizens of the city contributed liberally to the hospital, and The building was situated a little west of where the old custom house now stands. Tiie peculiar very abundant deposit of ha'mosiderin granules in the renal cells, as illustrated in extreme degree in Cases III and VII, is a somewhat cliaractcristic feature of the malarial kidney, but is sometimes seen in other diseases. By cataphoresis is meant electric osmosis, or the transfer through porous partitions from anode to cathode.

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