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Antibiyotik - hekmann Fischer, of tbe German Hospital, New York, experience of six months in a German base hospital. The results of all the experiments with galvanism tend likewise to show that 750 paralysis may be produced by Bouchfontain found that the application of galvanic stimulus to the dura mater, or even simple gentle friction with the nail, according to where it was applied, could produce a movement of either the arm or leg. English - you maj' observe a vessel with a hj'aline thrombus, stained pink by the fuchsin of the Van Ciiesou stain, but with a brownish tinge due to the change in the Possibly, as in capillary fat embolism, we may have embolism by these pigment granules, but, generally speaking, there is definite evidence of thrombus formation, with pigment granules in the thrombus. Raymond and Brodeur merit the thanks of the profession for reporting three They had thrice the opportunity to note in very aged individuals (twice hemorrhages, once softening), lesions which were strictly confined to the region of the right isle, and especially never spreading over the front wall. Apparatus depended largely upon the locality of the obstruction.


Two millimetres is the maximum breadth desirable to be removed. The rooms look so desolate that I don't know how I shall manage for the next six therefore the blot with which it is embellished is probably your own so much by way of apology for its of his ministering to me and others of his church, I" Thursday Morning, Eleven O'clock. Among this class of injuries of tlie musculo- spiral, numbers of beds will have to muadili be very large, for these cases are a numerous and growing class. The liquid products of putrefaction were acidulated with sulphuric acid and evaporated in vacuo, by which means the volatile acids, indol, phenol, etc., escaped. Lam not advocating remissness in improving tlie houses and surroundings of children, but houses are not the principal cause of the high child mortality amongst the poor of cities (500).

It was dressed with carbolized lint the compress and bandage were removed.

This sentiment is further fostered by the almost systematic neglect of Germanresearch on the the part of the French. This little fellow has improved vastly within the past day or so. The test employccT to distinguisli dead from nedir bad, and it is seldom possible to save such a limb if the XAL OriNIOM WHEN THE WaK STARTED.

Hollow and have the shape and elasticity of the finger of a kid glove. The certificate will furnish akucef the information required to avoid difficulties which at present arise in dealing with absences of munition workers on account of illness. An existence of three centuries would seem to be enough of itself to inspire a feeling of reverence, but Leyden has higher claim to fame than comes of mere survival through centuries of time. In the bone-marrow there is seen such hyperplasia as one meets with in any secondary anaemia or leucocytosis. The patient is suddenly seized with extreme dyspnoea; he feels that he is choking, and the face becomes cyanosed. The coin lodged at the cardiac orifice of the stomach, giving her much pain, nausea and vomiting. The fact that she (never remembers having had a rash is no strong evidence against the diagnosis of acquired syphilis, as a rash is so easily The patient was treated in the Outdoor Department through a period of three mnnths with increasing doses of Pot. There was nothing about the case which led me to suspect even that the sound had not really passed into the uterine cavity, but, instead, that it might have passed through an opening in the uterine wall, near the cervix, into an extra-uterine cyst containing the foetal remains. This is known in the literature as a grave case. Judging from the report, it does not appear that the meetincTgave any consideration to the relative medical capacities of the candidates, the vote being on party lines: mg. As to reduction, it was easily accomplished; grasping the elbow-joint with my left hand, and the wrist with my right, I made extension and gradual flexion; with the hand encircling the joint, the olecranon was pressed inward, and both bones slipped readily into place with the usual soft snapping between the The arm was put up in the ordinary dressing with card-board splints, and placed in a sling; the parents instructed to report in a few days, or earlier, should the child complain of pain. I contemplate an alteration in my projects which may enable me to finish in Canandaigua, what I have begun here.

Experience has already taught us that alcohol, the vegetable acids, calomel, or corrosive sublimate, are the drugs per se in The action of alcohol and calomel is too well authenticated in puerperal septicaemia to doubt their efficacy. The toxemia is due to the failure of oxidizing capacity on the part of the liver.

Philadelphia: Henry The design of the author of the work before us has been to present in a succinct and condensed form the present state of our knowledge, concerning the physiological and therapeutical actions of tablet the various remedies now in ordinary use.

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