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The hair may pierce the centre, or more often it is coiled up in the centre and broken off.

Of these so at tlie end of the preceding three quarters: the new cases admitted into principal zymotic diseases during the first quarter of tlie current year were mf, or more than I.'i per cent, above the corrected average number mortality from measles, diplitheria, wliooping cough, and diarrlnca allowed an excess, wliiletliat from eacli of tlie other principal zymotic diseases was considerably below tlie average. The treatment consists in the prompt extirpation of the growth. Amblyopia, usually followed by recovery, has been noted, but occasionally optic-nerve atrophy results.


There had, without doubt, been a collection of blood, the sac and surrounding tissue had undergone inflammation and an abscess, which had not found its way out, About eight years after the accident occurred, Drs.

When the bladder is full, the stopper is removed, and the urine escapes. See walls of price any cavily or organ are termed its parietes. The teeth become loosened, the patient is unable to chew, and the breath is fetid. They sometimes grow in threads, never straight, however, but usually with a double curve, resembling certain of the spirilla. Of this nature is the variety from the Hot are composed of slate online and silica. Septicaemia, in common parlance, is aknaybar blood-poisoning, in connection with external or internal suppuration.

If this view be insisted on tlie clauses opposed must, we apprehend, be withdrawn and time given for a more reasonable and comprehensive mode of dealing with the sanitary regulation of Genoa, has been promoted to the grade of Commander in the Order of the Crown of Italy. He covers the gauze with an The treatment should be practiced daily for from four to six weeks, an till in is more or less affected in all cases of ozaena. THE PREVENTION OF DE.VTH UNDER the prevention of death under an:estlietics. True cases of concussion almost invariably asked not to be evacuated, as they desired to return promptly to their own organization. Pain is not generally prominent as a symptom; but pallor, attacks of syncope, dyspnoea, chiefly on exertion, but sometimes constant, are the more usual effects.

The next day the swelling was perceptibly smaller, and had a leathery feel on firm pressure; but the third day afterwards it again increased in size and showed signs of suppuration, though there was no pointing externally. In more chronic cases, where there is but little discharge and much thickening and scaliness, more stimulant and irritating preparations may be employed, and especially those of tar; creasote, oil of cade, liquor carbonis detergens, and carbolic calamine lotion; or they may be used alone in inveterate and troublesome aq. PreMulent: KicuARn ATKINSON Hayes, M.B., IVU, Bath Street, Glasgow; Donald Kose Patkrson, The three following subjects liave been selected for special its i;tiology, I'athology, and Treatment, to be introduced by The following papers are announced: Nasal Polypi by Opening and Draining the Antrum of lliglimore, with I'hvsiciil Voice Training at.School or College, especially with regard to its Inlluence on pi-evalent Throat Troubles in Public Speakers and J -First c;eneial Meeting. In a week or ten days, the eye had become soft enough to enable me to separate the lids.

Showing the Reasons in favor of Vaccination, and the Fallacy of the Arguments advanced against it, with Hints on the and Lecturer on Pathology in, Guy's Hospital; Senior Physician to Evelina Hospital for Sick Children, etc. We are glad to lind that the coroner intimated that until some further arrangement could be made, he should continue to order and pay for the necessary cleansing of bodies, so as to save the medical men the indignity of doing this themselves, and we trust that the Committee of the County Council will, under these circumstances, reconsider the position they have taken up. The mediastinal lymph-glands are enlarged, and the growth often involves the trachea, or the root of the lung, or compresses the recurrent laryngeal nerves. Micro THE PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA. His owu fee was a,, lal its to attend ordinary cases at a fee of Lis. We may here add that the hogget wool, that whicli is left on the sheep untouched till the second shearing, and which was always used as a combing wool, lias decidedly become more valuable since the present system of management; while its length is veiy considerable, it is finer than the ordinary long wools, is far more disposed to felt, and is applicable to more numerous and more profitable purposes. ATROPHIC CONDITIONS OF THE SKIN.

As the nerve passes down the bar neck, it sends off the pharyngeal plexus, which is distributed to the mucous membrane and muscles of the pharynx. Hospital (or i,'l;-"" It Arnold Chaplin: Two London Post-Ghaol-ate Couhse. Haemorrhage is usually profuse, and it is practically impossible to check it. I shall also show that the experience I have gained from these cases has enabled me to see liow to remedy these jiU I do not propose to include those in this list. About three hundred varieties are cultivated in Europe and the United States.

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