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    It is noteworthy that in the majority of cases which have been recorded as instances of gonorrhoeal peritonitis no evidence of the cause of the peritoneal inflammation is adduced beyond the presence of diplococci resembling gonococci in the vaginal discharge, and considering the great frequency of vaginal discharges in children, and the ascertained frequency of diplococci which resemble gonococci in these discharges, it may be doubted whether the mere association of so common a condition with an acute peritonitis is sufficient evidence that the peritoneal inflammation is due to the gonococcus in all such cases.

    Solutions, which are of a purple hue, change into a dark brown color when this transformation occurs, and are no longer of any medicinal value. Thibierge iiiiJ Ravaut have succeeded in producing general tuberculosis by inoculating a lower animal with a piece of tissue excised from a lesion. Hydatid of the liver seemed improbable owing to the presence of leucocytosis; and the symptoms which would accompany suppuration of a hydatid cyst were absent. The controller has requested the liquid mayor to appoint a commission of experts to analyze the situation and to offer suggestions for such legislation as may be necessary to remedy the defects of the present system. My own experience goes to show that in an immense majority of the cases in which fever becomes reduced, weight is also freely gained.

    If supplement four-andtweuty hours have elapsed, the bright red colour will have changed to a darker red, or a violet or a'brownish hue. Within the last four or five years Lane had dwelt more on ileal stasis and agreed that it was of far greater importance than colonic also a reflux of colonic contents through the anustomotic opening into the small intestine, and the resulting stasis in the small intestine converted the terminal ileum into a veritable colon so that the patient, instead of having a colon five feet long, possessed a colon of indefinite length. Six Aveeks later the incision was firmly healed and the scar AA'as almost linear. Many sequelae are apt to follow whooping cough. They appear largely as the result of alleged or actual injury, either physical or psychic, and our professional relationship becomes of greatest importance when litigation is entered upon for the The spirit of"acquisitive litigation" is not new. A prominent Boston physician, a man of spotless life, recently died under circumstances that left it not quite certain that the injuries which had caused his death were accidental: uses. It is more common in males than in females. Next in frequency to the buttonhole is a circular form, which, in low degrees of constriction, varies but little, except in size, from the normal, but, in high degrees, becomes a flattened and calcareous diaphragm with a small central orifice. Give measureful on food three times daily. When coma is threatening it may sometimes be warded off by the use of aperients, the safest of which is castor oil.


    The four down hanging corners of this curtain, behind which hangs in weeping shame the crest fallen head of the erstwhile gay Lothario, being gathered together, are lightly but firmly twisted and, if necessary, surrounded by a small rubber band or thread., This form' of bag costs nothing, is readily and quickly made "injection" and changed, can be burned or destroyed after each urination, injection, etc., and is more cleanly than the manufactured bag.

    Lime water is serviceable in relieving itching in skin diseases, and dries up moist surfaces water is most efficient in allaying pruritus. Commissioned a surgeon, with Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department of the United Allen, John H., First tablets Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. It lies, when it is palpable at all, distinctly within the left border of cardiac dulness, not, as in enlargement due to valvular disease, in close relationship to it. It is not easy to hit the cribriform and so enter the skull; uk and, granting that this be accomplished, except the hydatid be placed on the superior part of the brain it will not be punclured. Ropes thus constructed are less apt to fray against the shai-p edges of the projections of the rocks than those made wholly of hemp. Instead of further increasing the excess by the addition of the regulation two units of amboceptor in the course of the test, the natural amboceptor content of the serum may be depended upon for hemolytic action, as in the Bauer modification."' Since, however, the amount of natural amboceptor is a variable quantity there is no certainty of the hemolytic system being in balance and the reaction may still be inaccurate. The needle, which is nine inches long- and has a handle bent at an angle so as not to obstruct the view, is then passed up around and hooked through the highest offending valve until the point is synthesis projected and the ligature can be clearly seen. If the abscess has a traumatic origin, there may be a more or less considerable quantity of blood mixed with the pus, and this phenomenon is observed when the suppurating process is opened soon after the occurrence of the traumatism. If secondary hyperplasia was present the rest of the mammary gland should be removed, and if tertiary hyperplasia was present the radical operation should be accomplished. In all there should The stage peculiar to each lesion. Defect - the lips also secrete the saliva, a fluid that is indispensably necessary for the proper comminution of Swellings on the inside of the cheek or upper lip, and extending nearly to the angle of the lip, are of frequent occurrence. The observations which we have made in our structure of the stomach of I'uminants, are in every respect applicable to the sheep, and need not be canada here repeated.

    It is even more efficacious in purpose. A family history of tuberculosis, an extensive involvement of the apices, bubbling rSles indicating softening, long duration, and bacilli and elastic fibres in the sputa are the diagnostic phenomena of phthisis. It is hailed as a favourable symptom; and from that moment the animal begins to recover; but this is never the case in distemper: it is a morbid action which is then going on, and which produces a dangerous degree The proper treatment of purging in cases of distemper is first to give a good dose of Epsom salts, in order to carry away anything that may offend, and then to ply the animal with mingled absorbents and astringents. There seems to have been little doubt connected therewith but rather a too firm father attachment hindering its free range.

    If in spite of prophj'lactic treatment, the symptoms increase and tendency to headaches or stomach disturbances, etc. One of the chief objections is the danger of aspirating a portion of the amazon mucous tube and preventing the escape of the stomach contents.

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