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    How do they occur? A child two or three years of age gets a vaginitis, due to the colon bacillus, which easily infects the tender soft young cells of tlie vaginal mucous membrane.

    An intense, permanent, and painless contraction of the lower part of the trunk and lumbar regions was observed, with a trace of trismus but absence of all rigidity of the lower and upper limbs. After death, the convolutions on the left cerebral hemisphere were found very much flattened, and there was considerable subarachnoid effusion of blood on their surface (acepromazine). In the last two cent., gave positive Wassermann reactions. The inflammation has extended beyond the capsule into the adjacent fat. The dissemination may take place at the time of entrance, or, as is more commonly the case, apparently occurs at some subsequent period, the immediate disturbances being localized at a given portion of the body: maleate. Detaching it from the peritoneum, considerable haemorrhage occurred, which had to be checked with the actual Having cleared the peritoneal cavity of all blood, he proceeded with the ordinary operation for the ventral hernia, removing sufficient integument upon either side to reach thicker tissue, and to secure union and prevent a return of the difficulty (dogs). Spocge grafting and, if need be, skin grafting, after separation of the necrosed skin, usually avails to bring about a useful Whenever there is a question as to the advisability of an amputation, or any reason to doubt that an amputation is actually necessary in a given case, there is very little danger in postponing the operation, in the meantime keeping the extremity in an aseptic condition by thorough surgical cleanliness and perfect drainage. The state of distention, with the altered character of the fluid, made it very evident that there was an impediment in the cystic duct, though no stone had been removed large enough to cause so firm and so effective an obstruction. In one case the mixed milk of "for" twenty-seven white women, in another the mixed milk of eight negro women, was thus analysed. He showed, by means of respiratory tracings, that the former was misconceived and wrongly interpreted as a sign of disease, and that it was generally confused with that of Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Owing to his weak state, his side left lung was not examined. In numberless cases to rac the faot that a child was liable to spots "dosage" on the face or body in Slwe by suspicions of this kind, and in not a few have I seen?hat mv most explicit assurances failed to remove his doubts. In this sense these remedies are better antiseptics than those which have earned their reputation in the realm of surgery as being destroyers or antagonists of micro organisms. The lesion which the lingual tubercle at this period most resembles is the primary chancre.

    Four years ago at one of our city hospitals, where he was kept for two weeks; two years ago, he noticed a swelling at the same spot. Exercise for the sake of health and comfort is not an end, but a means; yet if this means can be made to secure to the patient an end agreeable and pleasant in itself, so much the the communication of disease from one person to another, either by direct contact or through some medium, such as air, water, etc: cats. This rope should be about fifteen feet long. STAGE OF LABOUR; WITH A CRITICISM OF THE THEORY THAT THE PLACENTA IS THEN SEPARATED BY THE In the present communication I wish to describe a method of managing the Third Stage of Labour which I have practised for some time (effects). As a rule, the chronic periostitis which occurs nuder these circumstances does not lead cither to suppuration or to necrosis: acepron. Five hundred years ago Petrus de Abano, of Italy, discoursed upon it and was subsequently burned for heresy, secundum artan, in the flames at Padua.


    There was an apparent advantage in the employment of all the antiseptic and amebacidal solutions and dentifrices over plain water, but none of the dentifrices showed any superiority over the others or over liquor antisepticus of the pharmacopeia. By its aid the examination is performed so quickly that there is no danger of the lamp becoming too hot, especially as the water in the stomach (swallowed by the patient just speaks of the value of gastrodiaphany as follows:"The actual utility of gastrodiaphany over other methods of outlining the stomach lies especially in the application of the diaphanoscope to the differentiation of gastroptosis and gastrectasia, as by it the determination of the site of the lesser curvature is far more readily made than by inflation." Theodor Heryng has succeeded in transilluminating the anterior walls of the vagina. The one offers the stigmata of specific taint, the other pulmonary or lymphatic tuberculous involvement. Elderly people especially had passed the time for a permanent cure of constipation.

    If we put a catheter in his hand we know that he is going from bad to worse. As a rule there is no pain, but now and then high there is a little griping. In this variety the attack begins and runs its course up to a certain point, including often even the occurrence of the eruption, as it does in the majority of cases; "horses" but at a period which varies between the seventh and fourteenth day the symptoms suddenly subside and the patient rapidly convalesces. Two cousins Patient's history: Twenty-eight years of age, married, he began to lose in weight, had severe headaches, lasting for a day or two, recurring every week, the intervals being entirely free from any ill feeling.

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