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    If the nerves of the stomach are not disturbed by direct or remote irritation, or by disorder of their nutrition from chronic disease or certain forms of toxemia, digestion takes place without sensation. May be considered as constituting a little brain, connected with the masses behind by the CGmmissure, sp commonly called the optic nerve. ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE PUBLIC WELFARE DEPARTMENT This committee was appointed, at the request of the Commissioner of Public Welfare of the State of Connecticut, to advise with him and the Medical Director of the Public Welfare Commission in all matters concerning medical care and hospitalization and to endeavor to maintain cooperation between the Commission of Welfare and the medical profession of the State. Rectal injections of water or air may at times be curative when the obstruction is due to intussusception, volvulus, or soft adhesions of the lower portion of the intestine, but when the obstruction is due to cords or bands they can manifestly be of no avail. The fatal case was the following: B.

    But it does please me to read the first descriptions of parts to which the names of their discoverers or those who have first described them have become so joined that not even modern science can part them; to listen spelling to the talk of my old volume as Willis describes his circle and Fallopius his aqueduct and Varolius his bridge and Eustachivis his tube and Monro body; it does please me to know the very words in which Winslow described the opening which bears his name, and Glisson his capsule and De Graaf his vesicle; I am not content until I know in what language Harvey announced his discovery of the circulation, and how Spigelius made the liver his perpetual memorial, and Malpighi found a monmnent more enduring than brass in the corpuscles of the spleen and the kidney. And June epizootic cellulitis prevailed extensively in severe form, but caused but little loss spanish of life. We have openings for Locum Tenens, Full and Part-Time Physicians.


    Vocational rehabilitation and, of course, the Hill-Burton hospital program also are conducted on the same basis.

    These eliminate the sensitive bacteria, allowing the resistant mutants to thrive and multiply unopposed. Chambers, Fort Wayne, spoke on blood sugar at a recent meeting of the Fort Wayne Diabetes Association. With the normal abundant blood supply, frequent trauma to the gastric lining allows nothing more serious than a transient lesion that gives no symptoms and heals readily.

    Salicylates, Eucalyptus, Quinine and Cinchona Preparations, Salicin, Antistreptococcus Serum, Levurin, Magnesia, Sodii Bicarb., Sodii SulphocarboL, Acid. Fortunately for the citizens of Florida, most doctors to date have not been noted for this type of intelligence. (The figures cited above vcere taken from the American Aledical Association's C () N N E C r I C U T STATE MEDICAL JOURNAL medical television series was beamed for the first time to millions of viewers across the nation. Newport and others; namely the fact that the fertilizing filament reaches the interior of the action of the pollen-tube in tlie vegetable: tablet.

    Conference was conducted Saturday and Sunday, Hotel, Walt Disney World. The child wakened from a sound sleep, and for about two minutes nothing abnormal was noticed; when she began to observe the objects about her, movements returned. During this period of constant growth there has been an increasing pain in the lumbar region, extending down the right leg to the great toe, evidently due to pressure Vaginal examination shows a sharp, bony excrescence springing from the left ilio-pectineal eminence, a ridge-shaped exostosis along the crest of the pubis, an outgrowth of bone over the right ilio-pectineal eminence not so pronounced as that upon the left side, and a large osteoma over the right sacro-iliac junction. Up to includes extended care and nursing home benefit. It was the association that would later encourage much of health departments were flourishing.

    Many limbs with severe crush injuries or massive soft tissue damage may exhibit marked swelling. For a week nutriment was administered by enema; in the second week hquid food was given by the mouth. Since that time the civilization of this "accet" planet has changed hands.

    One neglected case, no matter what the cause is, may cause abortion to every cow in the herd.

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