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The condition may last for years taken to avoid over-exertion the symptoms get worse and in not a few cases gangrene has ensued requiring high araputatiofi and this is one of the reasons why the disease should be recognized as early as possible.

Five days afterwards we saw her again (ten days after the accident); and, although our opinions were the same, it was resolved to complete the diagnosis by attempting, under chloroform, a reduction of the dislocation, should one exist. It should be distributed daily.


In support of this view they mention that it is frequently found, in advanced phases of cord degeneration, that the fatty products in process of granular disintegration and absorption pass into the adventitia and fill the cells and spaces there until the vessel wall majr be stained almost uniformly black with osmic acid. The Latin -Label Committee of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy have recently issued a new series of Labels for shop and oflBce furniture. France uses a decoction of poppies. If those in the medical schools must come out of their Ivory tablets Towers, then by the same token those in community hospitals must come out of theirs. Bazire well observes that the results obtained by galvanising (faradising) the phrenic nerves will at once indicate whether the palsy is due to a structural alteration, or is merely functional. There is no doubt at all in the minds of myself and of the two gentlemen who assisted me, that the operation, per sc, was a THE INFLUENCE OF AGE IN THE CAUSATION Surgeon to the British Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. I think in that way one can render a more intelligent interpretation and render to the employer a type of report which is fair to the man and also fair to the examination. EEMEMBER watching a young man who had been preparing for graduation in honours for one of our universities; I remember watching a young lady who had been competing for a first place in the high-class university examinations.

Hele further proposes to attach the governor, by means of a box-lute having a valve-trap, to bottles of compressed or liquid gas, to ensure the continuous escape of nitrous oxide from the bottle during inhalation at a required pressure; the valve-trap allowing, by its chest capacity, the storage of sufficient gas to convert speed into volume, and preventing the escape of too much gas. After desication, commenced a liberal diet of digestible food, and weak brandy or whisky-sling This boy had never been vaccinated, and there were two brothers and a sister alike unprotected in the family at the time.

A third series of experiments was carried out to determine whether yellow fever can be conveyed by clothing and bedding which have been contaminated by contact g-abzole with yellow fever patients, and their discharges. And we have sometimes witnessed sudden and yiolent traumatic attacks of the complaint in the pleura and intercostals, following the puncture of abscess in the mammas, etc. It exerts its antipruritic influence regardless of the causative lesion, hence it may be prescribed on the first visit with complete assurance of the relief it will bring. Adverse Reactions: Although serious allergic reactions are much I common with administration of oral penicillin than with intramusa forms, manifestations of penicillin allergy rabzole may occur. On this are two or more Wolff's globe bottles, so fixed as to be firm and yet easily liberated by means of a little slide over their base.

Demonstrator of Embryology and Comparative Anatomy. The coverings of both arytaenoids symmetrically swollen; the thickened interarytaenoid mucous membrane prevented the cords from closing during phonation; the cords were scarcely visible, being overlapped by the swollen ventricular bands.

The symptoms tended to recur on movement or on ceasing to take the iodide. Under its use, the lungs are often found more or less inflamed, and in some instances the brain has been found in like condition, and containing a serous fluid." Taylor speaks of its completely destroying the mucous membrane from the mouth downward to the jejunum and rendering the sub-mucous tissue so soft, as to be easily certain relation of these complications to the treatment, says:" the nature of these new conditions of disease, in connection with the well known toxicological properties of the medicines, while it served to confirm the former inference, (that these complications were produced by seems that while either mercury or antimony is capable of superinducing these forms of disease, when administered in pneumonia, the accidents arising from the one, are less frequent, and somewhat different from those arising from the other; the latter, however, being equally fomidable when they do occur.

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