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With this and a wire splint that will fit around and grasp the joint the limb is swung up and the patient left happy. Gradual dilatation is far preferable; use gradual dilatation as long as you possibly to why the urine was rendered alkaline. On enquiring yet more profoundly into the mutual relations of the hereditary insanities, and including in the analysis those transmitted insanities associated with epileptic manifestations, and those with moral imbecility, it will be found that not only is there an uninterrupted single line of gradation running from idiocy to pri- j mary monomania, but that in addition, if the simile be permitted, there are numerous collateral branches springing from this parent stem at certain altitudes, and which crop out in more or less independent developments. Price - consulted me for deafness, which was profound, as only the loudest tones with the mouth close to her ears could be heard. Cap - muttle bury, not only his family suffered an irreparable loss, but as well the young Province in which he had settled.


Malaise and apathy were also noted, although the child displayed an unusually bright mentality, as evinced by his ability to recite readily the alphabet in reverse order of its letters. In one case of severe powder recurring tetany a single injection of the drug cured the attack, but in subsequent attacks it was of no avail. Comparison of cancerous growths with glands of internal secretion is difficult because of the small size of the latter.

She explained to me that she cut until the blood spurted in two jets, one from each side of the arm. He received from a gentleman three or four birds, having parrot's beaks and parrots' claws. Ig a good practice nnd the use warm friendship of many of the citizens. The proportion between the sexes at birth is about the same for each race, the males being as usual in excess by first year the females are in excess among the whites and by the end of the second year the same has taken place among the What are the causes of greater mortality in cities? The lecturer here exhibited tables showing the relative mortality from various diseases in city and country. Examination for pelvic disease, conduct it in such a way as not to give the patient much pain, and when she complains of much suffering, desist at the sacrifice of touch on the use of instruments, especially in parous women, is sufficiently diagnostic of inflammation upon which to base examination or an operation is imperative, it should be done under profound anaesthesia. Were found in rats; murium and the hog cholera bacillus. Effects - seers, the ashes of the plant one seer, and boil them together in the usual way. Recognizing this local source of origin of zymotic disease, the remedy for correcting the same is at hand.

He had operated, forming an artificial vagina and using glass tubes to prevent closure, and the woman has since married and suffers no inconvenience. The case of paraplegia in a negro man, which he had mentioned once before to the society.

We drew her urine; it was still highly charged with albumen. Now it so happened that I had attended this girl in all her childish ailments.

Original, contributed, and compiled, by Beiij. He admits also the possibility that the contraction of the lids may produce a dynamical compensatory astigmatism which temporarily modifies the dosage shape of the eye. According sachet to the author, atony of the stomach may exist as an idiopathic affection, and is chiefly to be recognized on percussion by increase of the area of the gastric note, which may reach to within an inch of the umbilical line. On the thirteenth, vomitings black, fetid, drops and copious; rigor about mid-day, loss of speech.

Now the opposite extreme is reached, and we are told that all"cracks,"'fissures" and"lacerations" are to be stitched up as soon as detected. The continued use of plenty of water, is, as a rule, followed by good results.

Side - he adds, that it is very rare for a pregnant woman to have such a serious fever without parting with her child.

He hoped for the time when he would be able to reduce this yet mysterious agent to its physical, natural elements, and he also held that it was more than probable that what we now called nerve force would in the end be found very similar to if not identical with some of those forces which we have used most successfully in producing the peculiar results of nerve action, which after all was underlying all the different chemical and mechanical phenomena Local Application in Herpes Zoster Herpes Zoster of the Face (Med. Pedicle treated intra-peritoneally by silk ligature and cautery.

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