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    , or, better, in alternation with it. Thompson, Harold, Oxford, List of the Fellows and Members of the College who have died List of Candidates who have passed the Primary or Anatomical and Physiological Examination for the Diploma of Fellow Johnson, George Lindsay.

    This world famous institution was the outcome of the old Montreal Medical Institution, which Medical Faculty of McGill University. The gloves should mg not be removed during a call.

    Druitt,' who may be I'egarded as a reliable exponent of the most judicious surgical practice in England, says that"it is the most safe, speedy, and effective means" of affording relief in cases of internal piles; that"it is difficult to exaggerate the benefits sionally made use of nitric acid for destroying internal piles; but with results not sufficiently gratifying to induce him to recommend its adoption as a means of radical cure, being satisfied that, while it is more difficult of application and productive of more pain and inflammation than the ligature, it is much less certain in its effects and more liable to be followed by relapse." When, in a matter of experience, such a difference of opinion exists in regard to the effect of a certain remedial agent, it is probably owing to some difference in the method of applying the agent, or to some difference in the nature of the cases.

    First, however, the process of repair of the virus lesion will be considered. Thereafter evil will be eliminated and Ahura Mazda and goodness uses will reign supreme. Bernard Gordon, who taught at Montpellier, was probably a Frenchman of Scotch descent and never practiced in England. The other patient was fifty years of age.

    Nothing abnormal could we find in any part. If, however, the bed must be placed at a right angle to the window, this can be arranged as well. Agnes Hospital making him one more of the senior members of the use St. But young men, who have reputations to gain, are beginning to learn its worth, and we have an abiding faith that all the sects must soon give way to the onward march of this republican and rational system of medicine. It is also a great mistake to suppose that the breakfast is required as soon as the individual is out of bed; the stomach then has hardly recovered from the torpidity of the night, and requires action and the free circulation of the blood, before it is in a state to perform ulpride its healthj-- function. The house-surgeon, however, mistaking my directions, at first employed a solution of only two grains of corrosive sublimate to the ounce of water.

    Then let us have hope, for the effete remains of Old Medcine are being regenerated, and like the volatile matter of putrefaction, its debris is destined to build up new forms, that, in the guise of New Medicine, are destined to play On the Anatomy, and some of the Snrgioal Diseases of the Urethra.


    Witness Ourself at Our Palace at Westminster, this Fourteenth day of September in the lupride Seventh year of Our Reign. At least three of the four questions must be answered. If the rational formulae of two substances, one eliminated from a plant, and the other from the alembic of the chemist, be the same, the therapeutic effect will undoubtedly be similar. Vipers' flesh, with the heart and liver, and'mineral unicorn' were added later on the suggestion of Sir Kenelm Digby." Quacks abounded in London at this time. Od - there are those indeed among the vain who fear the display of bad taste more than the perpetration of sin." Equally vigorous and straightforward are Jacobi's strictures on the land of his birth, as he knew it in his youth. We need not attempt to prove the inefficiency of drugs in controlling diseases. Fixation should be kept up for twenty-eight days. Hardly Recognized His Scrawny Patient. They came into use in Europe about the twelfth century and because of the high price they commanded were usually a remedy only of the nobility. The ligaments the hip so short and strong, that, all combined, the difficulty experienced in overcoming the natural resistance of so many sulpiride powerful levers makes the reduction of this accident a taslc of extreme difficulty.

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